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Will Code Pink Be Activated For The Climate Crusade To Crush Syrian Science Deniers?


The Biden Regime has signaled that the Climate Crusaders are back in business once again, as military commanders move operations to the massive Conoco oil field in Syria, the message could not be any more clear. It's good to be green! Unnamed Pentagon sources are now reporting that Supreme Commander Biden may be forced to activate the fearsome Code Pink agency to counter the resistance to his peace plans. Don't worry, the Pink Brigade isn't being mobilized to administer a beat down on the rebellious Erection Insurrection radicals at home, but to uplift and recruit freedom fighters abroad for the Extinction Rebellion. That's right, the fight for extinction is on! Syria is the perfect launching point for the UN's World War Zero campaign, due to the strong interest within the ranks of Freedom Fighters for good high-paying jobs in the environmental research facilities of the new New World Order. Extinction isn't just another cliché, it's the future!

Finally, someone in Washington DC had the courage to provide real solutions for the problem of mankind. You might even call it a final solution. As thousands of angry gun-toting right-wingers in camouflage roam aimlessly about the Capital, pundits have suddenly begun to notice these weren't your typical peaceful protesters. The heavily-armed individuals appeared confused as to why they were in Washington DC in the first place, most journalists assumed it was to intimidate people or some other illogical reason. Some said they were soldiers, but who knows? Had they come to town to muddle the Pro-life message with some crazy concerns about the continuation of life itself, or were these just silly tactics designed to forestall extinction. Elections have consequences, so we all know the answer to that question. Or do we?

I may be wrong, but I'm still waiting to see the evidence of the Rape Clubs allegedly run by Muammar Gaddafi in Libya over a decade ago. Set aside the Benghazi fiasco, let's talk specifically about Hillary Clinton's pal Sid 'Vicious' Blumenthal who peddled that bogus Rape Fantasy claims to the Obama/Biden Administration. Virtually the entire call to war was based on the media's graphic description of the sickest garbage they could dream up for the public. Try to locate even one single picture or videotape providing any evidence to support those horrific acts of rape, sodomy, and sexual mutilation that led us to war. If there was any evidence presented, it would probably feel as authentic as an NPR photo-shoot of a 'QAnon Shaman' gripping his spear in the Senate Chambers, as fearful Secret Service agents hid in the basement. Totally believable!

Will CNN's 'embedded journalist' soon begin reporting from the front-lines of this new battlefield, describing the harrowing tales of daring missions to the local Walmart in the back of a Humvee? Is it just a matter of time before 'crisis actors' is telling tales of raging gun-battles between the warring tribes for carbon credits, as military professionals set up the server farms for the Dominion ballot-counting machines that will be mandated for use in all regional elections? Fair elections are very important to the Biden Regime, especially in foreign lands. Many of the most reliable voters are found resting comfortably in cemeteries, just waiting to have their votes harvested.

Pundits all agree former freedom fighters make terrific workers. Whether it's marketing 'certified' green products or building massive concentration camps for re-education purposes, count them in on the fight for $15. So as chaos continues unabated back on the home-front, Americans should feel secure knowing the good guys will be protecting our interest in the Syrian Green Zone. Peace out!

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