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Will 2015 Mark The End Of The Energy Efficiency Myth?

Will 2015 Mark The End Of The Energy Efficiency Myth?

2015 represented the Golden Age of Propaganda for so-called journalist, businessmen, academics and politicians promoting the UN business-drive agenda of a Clean Energy Economy and the EPA's mythical energy efficiency claims 

As 2015 winds down, it's time to reflect on the Orwellian double-speak of the Media/Foundation agenda that have undermined economies, destroyed social order and displaced millions in a quest to impose a New World Order.

While the average citizen rejects the phony environmentalism of the Global elite, mainstream media is positively ecstatic over the passage of a Climate Agreement in Paris. A deal founded on fraudulent science, secret trade agreements and shadowy NGO's operated by corrupt bureaucrats and Wall Street Environmentalist representing the Billionaires Club. What's not to celebrate?

Let's all celebrate for the UN & Thomson Reuters Foundations that trained over 500 propagandist to market their Global Warming scam, while suppressing their own financial interest in the NGO's looking to distribute $100 Billion in reparations to corrupt political leaders in poor counties.

How about a shut-out to America's corrupt mainstream media that has provided cover for Obama's crooked pals at the EPA's ENERGY STAR, and the radical scientist that turned government "energy efficiency" into a multi-billion dollar industry. Aren't those ENERGY STAR products the same UN approved goods and services to be utilized by the Green Industry Platform and the Global Social Compliance Programme?

Why not send a big fat thank-you " bonus check" to the professors at the 24 federal universities involved in Obama's $100 Billion investment opportunity known as Save Energy Now. Didn't these dedicated scientist save billions of dollars for EPA' s business partners by providing "free" audits to politically correct industrial customers?

Where's the love for the bureaucrats working for the Energy Foundation, Prosperity Partnership and Poised for Profits Partnership that produced all the cutting-edge technologies that are at the heart of the Media/Foundation public-private partnerships?

All Media/Foundation policy is supplied by a very small, tight-nit circle of radical academics that believe massive propaganda campaigns are the only way to influence society. No matter how large, or however many times a lie is told, it will never become true if the math doesn't add up.

We're simply not supposed to question Obama's "Information Tzar" Cass Sunstein when he condemns those who choose to push back against political correctness , which has become the driving force behind the Progressive economic agenda.

Just as we're not supposed to consider that Cass Sunstien's wife, UN Ambassador Samatha Power was the architect of Obama's Arab Spring which brought peace and democracy to the Middle East. We must believe that European Socialist are celebrating the Multicultural agenda of the Globalist, because nothing is assumed to create green jobs faster than millions of radical religious nut-bags demanding a world-wide Caliphate.

50 Million Climate Refuges Can't Be Wrong

Media hype about phony government energy efficiency programs isn't the only way to make money under the UN business-driven model. Plenty of opportunities for bureaucrats and politicians to profit from human trafficking, sex trade and drug & oil smuggling operations in the New World Order.

Anywhere there is rampant crime, corruption or deviate behavior the blue UN flag is sure to be found providing aid and comfort to both the victim and perpetrator. Except the UN and their media associates will always find a way to blame Americans for creating the environment of violence and crime, but never the actual criminals.

Puerto Rico provides a classic example of how a media created climate crisis is created. The island is essentially bankrupt, sinking under $73 Billion of debt after becoming a tax-haven for the rich. Over $9 billion of that debt was raked up by Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, much of it from fraud and corruption involving UN Ethical Oil companies and Smart Meters.

Media sources estimate that over half of the islands poor population will be forced to migrate to the US mainland, where they will be forced to compete for public assistance against illegals from Mexico & Central America and refuges coming from Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Every economic basket-case is now simply listed as a man-made environmental disasters. Whether or not the refuge is fleeing war in the Middle East, Drug Cartels or Puerto Rico's Profiteers, bureaucrats can find a connection to the weather.

Climate Refugees, just like government energy efficiency are the exclusive products of the UN's business-driven agenda. Business has never been better, explaining the jubilation of the media over the passage of a Climate Deal providing them with a $100 billion payday.

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