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Why Politicians Are Running From Global Warming?

Why Politicians Are Running From Global Warming?

As Progressive Democrats and their #NeverTrump counterparts freak-out over Hillary's scandal-plagued campaign, does anyone really believe Globalist funding the Global Warming hysteria will ever recognize a Trump presidency? With trillions of dollar at stake, don't bank on it!

Climate Change, which has been promoted as the greatest threat in world history suddenly isn't that important today. At least not until after this election is over, then it will be really, really important again.

Electing Hillary Clinton is critical to all mankind, because she's the only candidate with a viable plan to save humanity and create economic prosperity for the elites. A plan totally dependent on ENERGY STAR's magical 'energy efficiency', a commodity of incalculable value. Explaining why mainstream media has imposed a total news blackout on the greatest government invention ever!

Which is weird, its almost like mainstream media has a greater interest in EPA's unique product than maintaining their own credibility as impartial news reporters. What else explains the failure to ask a single question about Hillary Clinton's Advanced Buildings initiative in the Presidential debates? Or discuss in any manner Obama's Clean Power Plan, in which the single largest and most expensive component 'energy efficiency' mysteriously disappeared from the plan. Amazing!

Why the sudden disinterest in the Clean Energy Economy? Simple answer, Silence is Golden! 

WikiLeaks opened the door to the largest financial scandal in world history, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the petty name-calling by political operatives. Virtually every major media outlet has known about this for decades, because they've been involved since day one.

In 2014, the Senate issued a report describing Obama's Billionaires Club and the non-profit groups raking in untold billions. None of our so-called political leaders or media watchdogs concern themselves with the obvious corruption of Obama's Billionaires Club, because they're all planning on cashing-in from the same bogus science under the secretive terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Thousands, upon thousands of WikiLeak emails concern illegal coordination between the Clinton's various foundations and Obama's Billionaires Club, involving tens of billions of our taxpayer dollars have been funneled into EPA's Public/Private Partnerships. Partnerships kept secret by the media for good reasons, as we're all about to discover in the coming months and years.

Mainstream media must continue to suppress or distort every aspect of these revelations to protect their own financial interest, but don't be fooled! Their lucrative non-profit communities are only kept alive by silence, deception and pure propaganda.

After 'gas-lighting' the public for decades about the illegal activities of EPA's business-driven agenda, the public now has concrete evidence of collusion between the world's most violent Anti-Capitalist radicals and Wall Streets premier con-artist. All utilizing the same phony 'peer-reviewed' science to threaten and intimidate society under the guise of advancing Social Justice.

The Tale of Two Realities

Taxpayers have ponied up well over $100 billion to combat Climate Change without a single shred of evidence showing these efforts improved the weather in any way, shape or form. Billions were funneled into universities to conduct 'Clock Boy' type scientific research and produce technical reports that no honest business would purchase at any price. All while EPA pretends their 'settled science' is priceless, which it most definitely is to political insiders.

Media won't report on the untold billions going to shadowy non-profit organizations controlled by politicians, while sanctimoniously denouncing every citizen that dares to question their 'phony' science created in the proverbial back-room. There is no National Standards for measuring and verification of energy savings, yet EPA claims ENERGY STAR saves 25-50% more energy than identical products.

Is it science, magic or a giant Ponzi scheme?

It's been twenty-five years since the Clinton Political Machine first arrived in Washington DC, introducing America to the Politics of Personal Destruction, Sue & Settle lawsuits and Scientific Consensus as tools for Social Change.

In between multiple Clinton scandals rumors began circulating about rigged voting machines, consolidation of media outlets and the creation of a New World Order. All those rumors originally denied by the media turned out to be true, except the part about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Only now the #NeverTrump RINO's promote the vast Right Wing Conspiracy theory, while the Lunatic Left blames the FBI, GOP and Russia's KGB for exposing their criminal enterprises.

Energy is the one issue that divides America most. The political elites are make big bucks by driving up energy cost with Draconian regulations founded on junk science, while the average American pays for the extravagant lifestyle of Obama's Billionaires Club.

As a political independent, I fully support Donald Trump's plan to Make America Great Again. Let's start by draining the swamp at the EPA, and flushing their ENERGY STAR brand of magical 'energy efficiency' down the rat-hole of history.

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  1. lionel

As an elected president or any politician, they have the duty to save the public from the various problems they are facing. Even though global warming is a phenomenon which cannot be controlled by human, they have to adopt some measures to...

As an elected president or any politician, they have the duty to save the public from the various problems they are facing. Even though global warming is a phenomenon which cannot be controlled by human, they have to adopt some measures to protect people from the effects of it. good lip balm for dry lips

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