EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell, Patriots Protest, Boycott Fox News For Lying About Vaccines And The Stolen 2020 Election: 'Shame on Fox! Shame On All The People We Trusted Over There'

Mike Lindell and outraged patriots are boycotting and protesting Fox News for manipulating the public with lies about the election, "the China virus" and vaccines.

Fox News continues to herald itself as "fair and balanced," but in reality has become nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing and a dangerous accomplice of the mainstream media, the My Pillow CEO told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.
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"Fox is the worst problem we have with media in this country. We know where the other media comes from. Fox refuses to report anything on the flagrant theft of the 2020 election — all the crimes — they don't report anything related to medications that treat for the China virus," Lindell argued. "They won't talk about vaccines or rigged voting machines. They are not on our side. They are controlled opposition."

"Fox is 100 percent controlled opposition," he insisted. "They are not our friends anymore."

Protesters holding "Help Save Our Country" signs began to amass in front of the News Corp. building in frigid 35-degree weather at 8 am on Wednesday to protest the so-called "Fair and Balanced" network for skewing and withholding the truth from the American people.