Saudi TV Mocks Biden And Kamala Harris

The Biden administration is a global laughingstock.

A Saudi Arabian TV show mocked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and it has now gone viral.

The skit shows Biden feeble and old while showing Kamala as the real President.
via https://thepalmierireport.com/

A clip from Saudi Arabian television show Studio 22 began circulating on Twitter on Tuesday morning depicting US President Joe Biden as old and incapable. The minute-long clip pokes fun at US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
Studio 22 is a comedy show aired by the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), also available to viewers on the streaming platform, Shahid.
The overarching theme of the clip is that President Biden is old. The character is obviously unaware of his surroundings and prone to falling asleep mid-sentence. Consequently, the audience sees Harris, played by a male actor in drag, telling the President what to say and do. At the end of the clip, Biden finally falls asleep and Harris literally puppets his unconscious body, screaming, "clap for the president!"