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Must Read Clinton's Plan For Advanced Buildings!

Must Read Clinton's Plan For Advanced Buildings!

Every American should go on-line and read Hillary Clinton's Plan for Advanced Building: Creating Jobs, Reducing Pollution and Saving Americans Money, because no other issue better demonstrates the differences between the two Presidential candidates.

Virtually every aspect of the Globalist environmental agenda is defined in full detail, but don't expect to understand how it creates jobs or saves Americans money. For that you'll need a lawyer!

Hillary's $60 Billion Clean Energy Challenge appears to be modeled almost word for word on Bill Clinton's Market Transformation policy, which created arguably the most corrupt political program in US history; ENERGY STAR. A fact well-known to media, but withheld from the general public for decades.

All of the standard political talking-points and clichés appear in Hillary's plan, but not a single clue as to how increasing regulations will cut government Red Tape or lower energy bills. It just does.

Media won't spent a single minute analyzing this delusional business model for Big Green Inc., because even the Village Idiot would notice the long-term collaboration between Wall Street's Banksters and the radical anti-Capitalist non-profits. Silence is Golden!

Only the super-rich can gain access to the Clinton Global Initiative, Energy Foundation or the Prosperity Partnership to get their fair-share of EPA's energy efficiency, the most valued political commodity on Earth. It's all about the children, income inequality or world peace, but never about the billions in profits that are being marketed by EPA's con-artist.

ENERGY STAR claims to have saved billions of dollars on electric bills for decades, yet America has never had a National Standard for the evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) of energy savings. Why? Because Wall Street's environmental lawyers are making big money off estimating energy-savings for the members of Obama's Billionaires Club.

If you're not familiar with Obama's Billionaires Club, thank the mainstream media. A 2014 Senate Report detailed the activities of several of the most radical environmental groups in America and the multi-millionaires and billionaires profiting from EPA's back-room deal making.

Progressive Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans have spent years helping the EPA to 'Level The Playing Field' and 'Eliminate Barriers' to competition by government bureaucracies. Which is political double-speak for crushing honest business and breaking the law with impunity, providing the EPA's Public/Private Partnerships with a distinct advantage over all competitors.

Not that competition has ever been allowed in 'energy efficiency' markets. Bill Clinton founded this cutting-edge program on a simple proposition "If it's not ENERGY STAR, it's not energy efficient". No business is allowed to compete against this government entity, providing the EPA with a form of legal Supremacy over all energy related issues.

EPA's ENERGY STAR brand is essentially a State Owned Enterprise, whose brand-name must be protected for the financial benefit of the political elite. Questioning the integrity of ENERGY STAR's extraordinary energy-savings could lower market value of their product for early adopters, and undermining future potential for marketing to a wider audience of uninformed investors.

Media, lawyers and lying EPA bureaucrats completely own this economic bubble, which is about to crash along with China's real estate market. 

China is a major manufacturer of ENERGY STAR certified products, which are deemed to save 25-50% more energy than similar products manufactured by the same Communist enterprises.

ENERGY STAR is a purely voluntary program, in which every government agencies in America is mandated to use by law. Its certificate process is so well respected by Globalist, that it may soon become the sole source for EM&V under the Paris Climate Accord for every country on the planet.

If in doubt about the importance of 'energy efficiency' to the political class, consider the total news blackout placed on the Clean Power Plan when the EPA completely removed all language concerning 'energy efficiency' from Obama's legacy accomplishment. The Clean Power Plan was originally crafted with four separate Building Blocks, but the 4th Building Block concerning 'energy efficiency' suddenly disappeared from the plan.

In a classic Bait & Switch routine the 4th Building Block was quietly replaced by the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP), a document which doesn't even mention the topic of 'energy efficiency'. What CEIP does is best described in Hillary plan, in which she will award competitive grants to states, cities and rural communities that are ready to lead, giving them the tools, resources and flexibility to succeed.

Whatever the hell that's supposed to mean! How does she measure success without a National Standard for measuring 'energy efficiency'? Or is Hillary's version of success measured purely on a Pay To Play standard, in which those contributing the most to Clinton Foundations will become the most successful in receiving tax dollars for their favorite environmental projects?

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