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Media Owns The Government Energy Efficiency Myth

Media Owns The Government Energy Efficiency Myth

Puerto Rico is the classic example of how the Media/Foundation's new business model works, providing "transparency" for Hedge Fund's, NGO's and UN business-driven partnerships to make profits from Government Energy Efficiency & Ethical OIl

Government Energy Efficiency, just like Ethical Oil is a construct existing only in the minds of the Media/Foundation political leaders. 

If the American people want to understand how the Media/Foundation complex conducts business, consider the parable of Puerto Rico. Bankrupted by corrupt progressive politicians, media spin-doctors are now seeking to shift blame to conservatives and those opposed to bailing out their crooked cronies.

As media celebrated the signing of the Paris Agreement, it's important to understand why journalist would be so jubilant about this Climate Agreement. Is it because Media/Foundation partners will now control the verification & certification process for energy savings in their technologies, providing the credibility for the UN's new business-driven agenda?

Puerto Rico offers an excellent example of how the UN's business models works, and what society can expect in the future under their dictatorial rule. Puerto Rico's political establishment racked up $72 billion in public debt, making the communist government in Greece appear to be fiscal conservatives by comparison. 

All of the debt can be traced to fiscal policies that turned Puerto Rico into tax haven for the rich, knowing that every financial fraud conducted in cooperation with the political class could simply be shifted to the American taxpayer.

$9 billion of that debt was incurred by Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), much through outright fraud and theft by employees and simply passed-off as gross mismanagement by the media. Fraud on a scale so large that only a journalist or a UN diplomat could possibly miss it, which they managed to do on a regular basis.

At least $1 Billion of PREPA's debt resulted from over-payments in a tainted oil scheme conducted by Brazil's Petrobras and Royal Dutch Shell, two UN Partner organizations with extensive histories involving bribes, kickbacks and fraud. Ethical Oil companies that are leading partners in the UN's efforts to create a sustainable carbon-free society.

Brazil's President, ex-guerrilla fighter Dilma Rousseff is facing impeachment for nearly $3 billion in kickbacks from a bid-rigging scandal, much of it occurring during the time she was head of Petrobras, the state-owned oil company. Hundreds of millions were funneled to her Workers Party, described as a center-left organization allegedly representing the working class.

Currently Petrobras is also in negotiations over a bid-rigging scheme with the US Department of Justice, and is expected to receive the largest fine in history, over-shadowing the fines paid recently by Siemans AG for a massive bribery scheme charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Both are Partners in the United Nations Global Compact.

Siemens paid the largest fine in the history for engaging in in a systematic practice of bribing government officials to obtain business. Siemens activities included kickbacks paid to Iraqi officials under the UN's Oil for Food Program from which Siemens earned over $1.1 billion in profits from Saddam Hussein's regime.

Smart Grid for Stupid Criminals

Media/Foundation members own all energy efficiency resources, including the smart gird applications that are currently costing ratepayers hundreds of millions annually from fraud committed by public employees and other criminal elements.

In 2009, the Federal Bureau of investigation opened an investigation of PREPA' s "smart meter" program which was losing hundreds of millions annually to criminals compromising their hi-tech meters.

PREPA's employees had been charging customers between $300-$3,000 to reprogram their smart meters, typically saving customers between 50 to 75% on their electric bills. While others simply used powerful magnets on their meters that allowed the electrical power to flow, but stopped the meters from recording the usage. 

The FBI claimed that this one utility alone was losing up to $400 million every year from "smart meter" fraud in a program that was just beginning to be rolled out across Europe and North America. Don't bother looking for any media coverage of this dirty little secret, because smart grid technologies represent a major factor in government energy efficiency schemes.

Schemes that rarely produce any actual energy savings for anyone, but are always presented as part of cost-effective solutions for reducing CO2 emissions, a common element found in nature that has been branded as pollutant by the Media/Foundations.

​Climate Solutions Poised for Profits report claimed Global markets in energy efficiency worth hundreds of millions.

Provided the basis for Washington State Cluster Industry Initiative and a Regional Economic Agenda covering Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.  

Poised For Profits

Hedge Funds, Ethical Oil and UN Partnerships have one thing in common, they all rely on the same corrupt NGO's to provide the verification and certification of their innovative schemes.

Contrary to popular opinion, mainstream media are not in the dark on these subjects. The Media/Foundation complex virtually invented the concept of government energy efficiency, and they control all of the shadowy environmental groups like the Energy Foundation, Sea Change Foundation and the Prosperity Partnership.

Their Partnerships have been the primarily beneficiaries of all energy efficiency funding, and now will profit by forcing their corrupt science onto the general public.

Every kilowatt of electrical energy claimed to have been saved by government came from evaluation and verification models developed by their NGO's scientific research, just as every technical report reflected energy-savings only available to political insiders involved in their public-private partnerships.

Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohamed's invention was once celebrated by the same Media/Foundations that are now giddy with excitement to demonstrate their business prowess in the energy industry. 

Utilizing scientific research and technical reports so baseless and pathetic they wouldn't make it into a high school science expo, but who really cares? If Clock Boy can become an over-night sensation in science, then why can't journalist?

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