Is Uber Crashing A Bad Sign For the Unicorn Investment Crowd?

Unicorns Watch In Horror As Uber Careens Towards Extinction Event: A Down Round | Zero Hedge

The slow motion train wreck of what was once The unicorn of all unicorns in the current stable continues. But as the 'free money' supplied by an ever complacent Federal Reserve dries up, suddenly, 'funding round excitement' takes on a whole different connotation.

When a company's head "PR" person quits smack dab in the middle of what can only be recounted as one of the most disastrous yearly beginnings in Uber's short history (i.e., scandals, senior management leaving, CEO melt down caught on video with a driver, and more) and that company just so happens to be the most valuable start-up (e.g. a unicorn said to be worth some $68 BILLION), while also claiming the title of "disruptor of the disrupters", and, is a cash burn machine with no concrete date for IPO? It's the equivalent of a harnessed team of (e.g., all of The Valley's) unicorns running smack dab, and full stride – into a concrete abutment. The resulting carnage will be legend