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Is questioning 'Science' Part Of A Vast Conspiracy?

Is questioning 'Science' Part Of A Vast Conspiracy?

"Currently there is no national standard to measure energy savings from energy efficiency programs" per NRDC (R: 12-11-A). 

Nobody dares to speak about the mysterious disappearance of the 4th Building Block on energy efficiency from Obama's Clean Power Plan. The single largest, and most costly aspect of the Clean Power Plan was quietly removed from the EPA's plan without a single word of concern by the political establishment.

Or the fact that EPA secretly selected ENERGY STAR's trademarked brand of 'energy efficiency' as the sole source for emissions reductions in their plan based on Specific Numeric Calculations. Fuzzy math doesn't begin to explain this scam!

Must be another vast right-wing conspiracy!

The Clean Power Plan was crafted with four specific Building Blocks, which together formed the EPA's "Best System For Emissions Reduction", except that the 4th Block covering 'energy efficiency' was quietly removed prior to public presentation. And nobody noticed?

Virtually every political pundits and crooked lawyer went silent on the subject, and since no radicals are rioting in the streets our mainstream media won't be covering the issue in any way, shape or form. Move along, nothing to see here!

In a classic bait-and-switch, EPA replaced the 4th Building Block with the Clean Energy Investment Program (CEIP), a vague document designed to provide cover for corrupt bureaucrats and politicians promoting the ENERGY STAR brand of 'energy efficiency'. Which every lawyer, corporate environmentalist and rock-ribbed RINO supporting this area of "Settled Science" should know is complete BS, and you should too!

This explains the reason for the media's total blackout on news relating to ENERGY STAR, and the disappearance of the 4th Building Block. You're supposed to pretend this is politics as usual. Dirty rotten Republicans must have forced the EPA to remove the language regarding 'energy efficiency' from the CPP, simply to make Progressives sad.

After all, Democrats have spent decades and untold billions portraying government 'energy efficiency' as the greatest thing since slice bread. Now its gone, and nobody wants to knows were it went?

Government 'energy efficiency' is one of the most valuable commodities on planet Earth, which must be why the establishment are so desperate to keep it secret. Greedy rich people simply don't share!

The ever-vigilant media were obviously frightened and intimidated into silence by evil Capitalist seeking to keep this valuable commodity out of the hands of the public. Because that's how big business works!


Wall Street Environmentalist and their #NEVERTRUMP counterparts couldn't allow the subject of government 'energy efficiency' to come up when discussing the various legal arguments surrounding Obama's Clean Power Plan. That may have led to a debate about the value of Bill Clinton's ENERGY STAR program, and the tens of billions flowing through corrupt government non-profits organizations like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Some might wonder what's the secret technology behind ENERGY STAR's wild success? Or why government 'energy efficiency' always cause electrical rates to go up, not down. No one wants that conversation to occur!

Asking why after thirty years there isn't a national standard for the measurement and verification of electrical values worth tens of billions of dollars annually is plain crazy! Nobody wants to hear crazy talk about national standards, when bureaucrats understand the true value of regulations.

Regulations, not national standards are providing huge profits for government created non-profit organizations under Free Trade agreements. Just ask any multi-millionaire or billionaire associated with the EPA's Billionaires Club or the UN's Global Compact. 

The CEIP is identical to Obama's Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion Ponzi scheme operating out of the Advanced Manufacturing Office. 24 federal universities have been providing free 'audits' of Industrial facilities for years, but only for large corporations willing to enter into PUBLIC-PRIVATE partnerships with the EPA.

Save Energy Now has allegedly saved billions of dollars for EPA's public-private partners at their industrial facilities, but try to find any real evidence to support those claims. Don't expect any honest news coverage of the Save Energy Now program, because those phony energy-saving claims are no more credible than the ENERGY STAR's bogus claims.  

24 Federal Universities providing 'free' audits of industrial facilities, saving billion$ for EPA Partners. 

CEIP doesn't contain a single word regarding energy efficiency efforts for our industrial and manufacturing sectors, America's largest electrical market. Much like the Save Energy Now program, no actual energy-savings occur, just paydays for lawyers and politicians prospering from an endless parade of Pay-To-Play schemes passed off as scientific research.

Government 'energy efficiency' programs make the financial failures like Solyndra, Abengoa and SolarCity look like pocket-change, when compared to the California's Prop #39, Harvesting Clean Energy or the Industrial Energy Efficiency program of ENERGY STAR. Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars went into programs operated by the Poised for Profits Partnership, the government agencies which turned 'energy efficiency' into a multi-billion dollar slush-fund for Globalist.

EPA has already acknowledged that the CPP won't provide any real ecological benefit, just like every other 'energy efficiency' program ever operated by the EPA/DOE. It doesn't really matter, because they claim it will demonstrate leadership. Leadership for the New World Order!

Entire generations have been spoon-feed this type of stupidity for decades, leaving millions believing that Ethical Oil, Green Coal and ENERGY STAR are all about protecting the planet. While only Knuckle-daggers and haters would continue to speak out about standards, laws and transparent public policy, all of which were decided years ago in the back-rooms by Banksters and Wall Street con artist.

Sure Obama's Clean Power Plan sucks, but just like the Trans Pacific Partnership and Net Neutrality, it will provide huge profits for the political elites and their public-private partnerships. If they believe their Settled Science will deliver big bucks to the Billionaires Club, isn't that what's really important?

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