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Is EPA Trying To Destroy America's Industrial Base?

Is EPA Trying To Destroy America's Industrial Base?

​ Why the news blackout on the Save Energy Now, Obama's $100 billion investment opportunity which has 24 universities providing "free" audits and claiming to have saved billions for EPA Partners?

"Government Energy Efficiency" is currently one of the hottest investment opportunity on the planet, but don't expect any new coverage from mainstream media. It's only available to the Global elite!

ENERGY STAR became a multi-billion dollar global leader marketing a product invented by government decree. A product mandated for use by every branch of government, whose value is estimated by government bureaucrats because there is no National Standard to measure energy savings from energy efficiency programs.

No Competition – No Problem!

America's industrial base is under assault by Obama's EPA, and the "shadowy" non-profit organizations making billions off of government energy efficiency. Media applies the term "shadowy" to these public-private partnerships to shield the politicians, bureaucrats and corporations profiting from EPA/DOE energy efficiency programs.

Government Energy Efficiency has never been about reducing energy consumption, but on profiting from participation in massive government research programs. Failure is the key to the EPA business model, because it always delivers the big bucks to the members of the Billionaires Club and their legal firms.

How can any honest American business compete against corrupt bureaucrats with a financial interest in the government funded NGO's marketing government mandated products? It doesn't happen! These people would sooner chew-off both of their arms before embracing any form of competition.

Your simply not supposed to know about the EPA's agenda, and that energy efficiency revenue is promoting their version of Socialism. But what form of Socialism are we talking about? When Bernie and Hillary present themselves as Democratic Socialist, what's that even mean?

Obama's ENERGY STAR and Save Energy Now programs are perfect examples of how European Socialism works in the real world. Examine the staggering differences of electrical prices in Socialist countries compared to America, and you can begin to understand their goal.

Obama's Legacy tied to $100 Billion Boondoggle run out of 24 federal universities, which claim to have saved billion for EPA partners. Just don't look to close at the facts behinds this myth.

NEEA conducted the Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance, producing the bogus reports that later supplied the resumes for the professors pretending to be the world's premier "energy efficiency" experts.

Try to locate even one of these so-called experts or a single successful project that resulted from their "free" audits, then you'll understand why only EPA Partners qualify for these cutting-edge programs.

Save Energy Now 

​Free audits by university staff saved $$$ Billions? 

Eliminating Barriers 

Leveling the Playing Field 

Bureaucrats have used these two phrases for decades to justify creating public-private partnerships competing directly against private businesses in the industrial sector. 

Bureaucrats pretend that industrial staffs and electrical engineers are ignorant on innovation and technology. 

Only highly-trained government energy efficiency experts are qualified to provide the cutting-edge solutions of the EPA.

Propaganda Apparatus At Work
Yuuuge Trump Endorsement!

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