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Nowadays, immigration is one of the major problems not only for the USA, but for other countries too. This problem is very important because a lot of people from poorer countries try to find better places for living and migrate to countries with higher living standards. Unfortunately, these people often are illegal residents that create different problems for their existence. The immigration problem also has a high level of risks connected with the behavior of the immigrants. Sometimes, some of them cause dangerous situations or terrorist attacks. Certainly, this kind of person should be under strict control to decrease a risk of dangerous situations for the community. This is essential that we cannot imagine our time without immigrants. It is worth saying that they also play an important role doing different types of jobs and, therefore, fulfilling a state budget. It is clear that their work must be legalized to avoid bad situations connected with different inspections. In addition, scientists predict that in the upcoming future, immigration problem will be one of the most important problems of life. This is because of an increasing difference between the poorest countries (the 3rd world countries) and the most developed countries. This high difference will be caused by enormous depletion of resources in some countries. This is worth saying that even some European countries will be exposed to the problem of resource depletion. Even today some countries do not have enough resources to maintain their economy, and they have to import some sources of energy. Consequently, countries that will save their energy sources will have more opportunities for economic development. High economic potential of the country leads to the high quality of life and high living standards. That is why a lot of people from poor countries will migrate to the richest countries. As a result, it can also lead to the assimilation of the indigenous population between the migrants. According to the statistics, nowadays about eleven million people who live in the United States are illegal immigrants (Posner). Everybody agrees that this is not normal, and deportation was unjust. Unfortunately, migration bills and reforms are not able to change this situation. The explanation of this argument is very simple: does America really need to solve this problem? Some people think that a big amount of illegal immigrants can be a reason for the government's failure. Government has established laws that define who can be a resident and who cannot be a resident of the United States, but they did not spend money for providing the statements of these laws. In reality, America has had a three-tiered system of immigration for a long time. The top level consists of well-motivated immigrants who are offered green cards which leads to citizenship in the majority of cases. The second level consists of qualified and semi-qualified workers who can obtain a visa for 3 years, as usual. Some of the immigrants of the second level work well and obtain a green card directly in the United States. The third layer consists of the immigrants who are the most unpredictable ones. They can be removed from the country for any reason and at any time, but in some cases, they can get some privileges as a driving license and they can use it for their work. Also, they can work without any problems when some bills or rules are denied by the government. If something changes, they will be strictly limited in their possibilities. Immigrants of the third level can be considered as illegal immigrants but in reality this is not exactly the right definition. This is because some of them are working well, trying to learn English and earn some money for their future living in the United States. If they are working well without any problems, a path to citizenship 1986 will be given to them, but in the case if congress passes immigration reform. Another problem which should be analyzed and discussed is the problem of the Arizona border. It is worth saying that this problem is essential for the U.S. sovereignty. If this problem is not being solved in a short period of time, consequences for America will be unpredictable (Devere). This border is a major way for transporting Mexican drugs to us. Also, there is a big problem connected with transporting weapons to America. Certainly, this border creates a good opportunity for illegal immigrants to move to the United States. According to John Ladd, who has the ranch near the Arizona border, a massive iron wall which divides Mexico from the USA, is not safe. He says that the wall is in such a place where drug dealers can cut through it. They can use special equipment to cut through this wall (Constable). There is a big amount of people who protect this wall but still it is not enough to exclude a possibility to break through it. Some extra measures should be provided for increasing the safety of the border. Unfortunately, the issue of the border problem is often underestimated and manipulated. Government in the majority of cases does not have a full situation. Only people who live near this border can estimate a real risk of the existing problem. President and his administration are hoping to win a 12 billion dollars support to overcome this problem and decrease the level of illegal immigration to the USA. They hope to enforce the U.S. Mexico border. Unfortunately, now there are some problems dedicated to sequester cuts. The total price of these cuts is about half a billion dollars. Therefore, an existing situation does not allow to achieve a normal level of security of the border. Unless the administration of local area will find an appropriate solving of this problem, new possibilities for drugs transporting and illegal immigration will be created. It is clear that the problem of the U.S. Mexico border should be solved, as soon, as possible. The majority of the population considers that an increase in the safety of the border is very important for the country. Nowadays, scientists try to find special equipment which will result in the decreasing number of illegal immigrants. This kind of equipment was tested in February. The cost of the equipment is about twenty million dollars. It is worth saying that construction of the Arizona border fence also has some disadvantages. Ecologists argue that construction of the fence will have destructive effects for the surroundings. This decision can destroy a part of the Arizona desert. It also should be said that the Border Control was established in 1924. In the 1970s, the quantity of illegal movements and drugs transportation began to rise. Unfortunately, new measures for solving this issue were not provided until the 1990s. To diminish the quantity of illegal movements, Border Control agents work together with the military. This implementation greatly decreased the quantity of illegal immigrants, but when the military left these places activity again rose. Certainly, the 9/11 attacks forced the administration and government to make this border safer, but measurements that will change the existing situation have not been provided yet. In conclusion, I hope that right decisions will be found very soon which will help the Americans feel safer. If the article was cognitive for you, proceed to read other articles on Most of the articles are written by Lily Johnson, a professional writer.​
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