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Guide to Using Do Not Disturb Mode in iPhone

Guide to Using Do Not Disturb Mode in iPhone
We always like to chit-chat and socialise with our friends and family, but there are some moments where we want some peace whether it is a meeting, a date or a good night sleep. Sometimes we like to get along the moment and be in it without distraction. For this, there do not disturb feature in an iPhone comes in handy. ios12-iphone-x-settings-do-not-disturb-on Apple has inculcated this feature for a long time and kept on innovating according to the need of the users. By reaching to iPhone X this feature has been quite polished and made user-friendly, not only you can stop the buzzing of incoming calls but also messages and notifications also you can customise to snooze only selected contacts and receive others. By using Do not Disturb feature you do not block the notifications or stop receiving them, but the beeping is muted, you can still see the messages and notifications you have received. This feature is pretty useful when you are busy in a meeting and do not want to create a distraction for anyone; such feature helps a lot not to get unwanted attention. How to use Do Not Disturb Feature No one wants to hearer a buzzing of a phone when you are in a movie hall, especially the person sitting next to you. To take care of such an issue, you can follow these simple steps to activate “Do not Disturb” on your iPhone. Swipe from the top right of your screen to initialise the control centre Select the Do Not Disturb icon form the Control Center (Crescent Moon icon) Using Do Not Disturb Feature for the limited time If you are busy for a certain period like in a gym or in a dance class and you want to use Do Not Disturb for a specific time like one hour or two hours follow these steps to set up a limited time DND. Go to “Settings App” in your iPhone. Select “Do Not Disturb”. Select “Scheduled” option and turn it on, to initialise the feature. Select the “From Time” and “To time” to set the duration of DND. You can also select the Bedtime feature, which would dim the brightness of the screen and collect all the notifications and calls at the notification centre without buzzing. How to customise Do Not Disturb Feature? It is not unusual to have special preferences for some people over the others. Sometimes you don’t want the messages and notifications to bother you but can’t ignore a call from your mother or your boss. In such a scenario one can customise their iPhone’s Do Not Disturb settings according to their preference. Click on the “Settings App” from your iPhone. Choose “Do Not Disturb” mode. Then, select “Allow Calls ” Next, you can select various options from here, whichever suits “Everyone” It lets you receive calls from everyone. “No One” It will restrict all your calls. “Favorite” It will only let you receive calls from the contacts in your favourites “Group” It allows calls only from the groups you have created. Now, the “Repeated Calls” option to let you receive a call from the same contact again if they try to reach you again within three minutes or less than that. Select any of the options under the “Silence” category. Always it silences all of your notifications and calls permanently. Only while iPhone is locked” It silences all of your notifications and calls during the period you lock your iPhone. By implementing the above procedures, you can manage your desired means to use Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone and can indulge in your task without any distraction and can manage your time optimally. Carl Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at Source -
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