"We Did It!" - UPDATE: Far Left Trolling Group "AwayWeWalk" Takes Credit for Arrest of Brandon Straka

On Monday FBI agents arrested 'Walkaway' founder Brandon Straka for his 'actions' at the US Capitol on January 6th.

The 'WalkAway' campaign began on Facebook in the summer of 2018 after Straka, a handsome, gay hairdresser from New York posted a video explaining why he was walking away from the Democrat party.
The Walkaway movement attracted hundreds of thousands of people, making Straka a target of the Marxist left.
via https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/

A far-left Twitter group whose sole purpose is to stalk and harass Brandon Straka cheered his arrest on Monday. The "AwayWeWalk" group took credit for his arrest.

They have been trolling Brandon Straka for months. "We did it!"

Straka, 44, was taken into custody on Monday by agents from the FBI Omaha Field Office and faces charges of impeding a law enforcement officer during civil disorder, knowingly entering and remaining on restricted grounds without lawful authority and/or engaging in disorderly conduct within proximity to a restricted building to impede official functions and engaging in disorderly conduct with intent to disturb a hearing before Congress.