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Does Collings Castle Provide The First Evidence of A Orwellian Society Built On Pure JUNK SCIENCE?


The ruins of Collings Castle in Oklahoma are either an artifact of enlightenment or hard evidence of wealth creation through the use of the Big Lie? Either way, the mighty stone fortress/castle allegedly built in 1930 by young Ellsworth Collings as a summer home offers a rare glimpse into a very dark chapter of American history in Indian Country. Ellsworth Collings was the Dean of Education at the University of Oklahoma that came into sudden wealth shortly after writing his book "An Experiment With A Project Curriculum" about a child-created education curriculum system for rural communities that allegedly included a fraudulent claim about a 'Typhoid Project" designed by young school children. Except, that deadly outbreak of the disease in rural Missouri never occurred and everyone knew it. That easily provable lie went on to provide the foundation for the Orwellian 'Newspeak' employed by the media and academia today, which all began on the prairies that had become the new home of the Five Civilized Tribes made famous when driven west of the Mississippi River on the Trail of Tears. This was when lawyers and Hollywood actors flipped history and reality upside-down for the political elites of the day, in order to erase certain parts of America's past.

Long before Woodrow Wilson showed the film "Birth of Nation" in the White House, the Progressive movement was the undisputed face of the Ku Klux Klan during the Reconstruction Period. Whereas Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto released in 1848 provided the other extreme political ideology of the day, which always had far more in common with the violent KKK than it ever had with American workers. It was those diverse groups that came together to form what is now called Democratic-Socialism.

Those two organizations engaged in Yellow Journalism after the Civil War, using racial hatred to push revolutionary change through pure propaganda. The message was simple, Democrats were good and kind protectors of the land, and Republicans were greedy Capitalists seeking to destroy the world for a quick buck. No other form of rational dialog was supposed to exist outside of the narrowly defined narratives provided by the media and academics because that could undermine the whole agenda.

When George Orwell claimed, "One does not establish a dictatorship to protect a revolution; one makes the revolution to protect the dictatorship" he could have been speaking directly about the 'doublethink' instituted at the University of Oklahoma that had also hired the notorious Communist agitator Maurice Halperin. Halperin was a well-known mouthpiece for the murderous Russian Bolsheviks 'anti-war' campaign of "Bread, Land & Peace" that spoon-fed propaganda to Useful Idiots on campus. He was later investigated as part of Senator Joseph McCarthy's hearings on Russian spies infiltrating the highest level of the US Government, a fact proven by the Army's VENONA Project which had decrypted Soviet messages as early as 1942 proving Halperin and other high-ranking bureaucrats had engaged in treasonous activity.

Ironically, it was another book co-authored by Ellsworth Collings about the famous "101 Ranch" founded by a former Confederate Colonel, which helps to shed some light on this shady period of history that distorted both the timelines and historical accuracy of events. The 101 Ranch show business venture began in 1905 with 'buffalo chases' conducted for the writers at the National Editorial Association, with ranch hands playing the parts of real trailblazers and Indian warriors. To make it appear authentic, the warrior chief Geronimo would be brought out of captivity at Fort Sill to shoot a buffalo from the backseat of a car to thrill the crowds, then be returned back to the federal prison where he had been confined since 1888. But it was the lawyer E.W. Marland that founded the 101 Ranch Oil Company in 1909 that really made history when the richest man in Oklahoma married his adopted stepdaughter in 1928. By 1931 he lost his entire vast oil fortune to the bankers at JP Morgan, leaving Marland and his young bride so broke they couldn't pay the electric bills at their ornate $5.5 million mansion in Ponce City. This forced the happy couple to move into an artist studio on their palatial estates, while Marland went on to win a seat in Congress and become the Governor of Oklahoma (1935-1939). By 1941 the magnificent Palace on the Prairie had either been sold off for $66,000 or disposed of by the Federal Farm Security Administration, depending on which story is being provided on a given day.

A few decades later Hollywood actors and lawyers became seen as noble tribal elders, with new chiefs like Hanoi Jane Fonda as the spiritual leader of Earth First, David Brower guiding the Earth Island Institute and Al Gore of the highly respected Hanging Chads tribe. All working in harmony with the tribal councils of the EPA, DOE and CIA to bring peace once again to the indigenous people whose rights were trampled by greedy white men lusting for Oil, also know as Black Gold or Texas Tea. It was during these troubled times, powerful shamans created government "certified" energy efficiency as a glorious sacrament for the gentle people of the forest. This rare and precious commodity is so revered by the ancient soothsayers, that it can not be spoken of, written about or observed by anyone other than the most enlightened. However, you can go on-line and read the peer-reviewed Poised For Profits report being used by "Woke" crony capitalist at the Prosperity Partnership in Seattle, which is almost as realistic as a buffalo hunt from the backseat of car.

By the mid-1970's Ellsworth Collings Castle lay in complete ruins, along with the reputation of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy a true hero loved by Americans for standing up against the sick-minded Communist like Maurice Halperin, Alger Hiss and other high-ranking bureaucrats being protected by Progressives in the media. To this day Democratic-Socialist will still pretend that Joe McCarthy was targeting their lying crap-weasel heroes in Hollywood and academia for questioning if "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is Strength."

by Conor Coughlin

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