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Do 25,000 Armed Troops Create The Right Optics For Media's Wag The Dog Campaign?


Hollywood couldn't have produced a more compelling backdrop of opulence and spender for the respected dignitaries gathering in Green Zone to celebrate Joe Biden, the beloved Democrat candidate that received more votes than anyone in world history. Some of the attendees may be a little nervous about the lack of preparedness at this event, given the violent assault two weeks ago on the Capital by Antifa's 'embedded journalist' turned enthusiastic Trump-supporting insurrectionist looking to take out Republican turncoats. Studio executives have assured media that the regime change should go smoothly, provided the 25,000 heavily-armed troops don't go off script and kill everybody. Media Fact Checkers have confirmed the rumors that CNN's paid 'crisis actors' will not be providing security at this gala event, but FBI leaders are totally confident that none of 25,000 highly-trained professional soldiers will go Postal. They can't guarantee other Republicans won't descend into an orgy murder and madness, because of Orange Man Bad!

DC swamp creatures may not feel totally secure inside the Green Zone, but at least there is some comfort in knowing that loved ones are safe back at home. Media outlets report that at least two dozen angry BLM & Antifa militants showed up for the casting call for "Armed Violent Protest" in all 50 state capitals. Resulting in 5 or 6 puny demonstrations, which represents an awesome show of force for Marxists. Thankfully the media will out-number the totally scary Trump-hating militants, so it is unlikely that anyone will die for Dickmockery at any of these events.

Donors are being told not to panic yet because their top people are on the job, citing their iconic NPR photo-shoot of a spear-wielding "QAnon Shaman" in the Senate chambers as pure genius. What Progressive would deny that ferocious half-naked social justice warrior didn't totally represent their version of a normal Donald Trump supporter. All the devil-worshiping pedophiles gathered for the traditional ritualistic feast agreed, the horned-helmeted Warrior had them squealing with delight at that terrifying spectacle of manhood.

Oscar nominations must be pouring in for CNN's Andreson Cooper, having captured the first interview with the CNN's "embedded journalist" that videotaped their fellow Antifa "crisis actor' parading the Confederate flag around the People's House, as Secret Service cowered in the basement alongside our most valiant public servants. Who will ever forget CNN's Jade Sacker gleefully boasting "We Did It", as the lifeless body of an unarmed veteran named Ashli Babbitt bled out on the floor of the Capitol building? Imagine the pride felt by over 74,000,000 Trump supporters when CNN's "Embedded Journalist" John Sullivan of Utah announced that he was the self-proclaimed ringleader of that violent Insurrection at the Capital. This appears to support the allegations made by Sullivan's own brother to the FBI several days earlier, which confirmed that corrupt FBI leaders knew that John Sullivan had been described as the criminal mastermind behind those deadly riots when they arrested him. Just as the FBI knew the John Sullivan was a self-avowed terrorist when screaming "We accomplished this sh*t. We did this sh*t together" while congratulating his fellow Antifa activist for breaching the Capital building under the guise of being a Trump supporter, before releasing him from custody to continue with his criminal career as a Democrat militia member bent on violent revolution.

I believe that politicians fear that American troops and police have read the most recent DNI intelligence report showing significant Chinese influence in rigging the 2020 election. This coincides with the final version of the Capstone Report released by Peter Navarro confirming the validity of the mountains of easily verifiable evidence of widespread election fraud, that former US Attorney General Bill Barr pretended didn't exist. Now the DOJ and FBI, the two most corrupt agencies in Washington DC will begin prosecutions of eye-witnesses that had the courage to file sworn affidavits of criminal behavior, criminally investigate the world's most respected forensic specialist for fraud, while ignoring Tech Giants illegally destroying thousands of businesses, as corrupt agents and lawyers laugh at death threats against both elected officials and private citizens for speaking truth to power.

As one of the citizens that attended the 'Stop The Steal' rally in DC, I don't believe that our establishment fears that handful of 'so-called' Insurrectionist nearly as much as they fear the approximately one million peaceful protesters that want to remain faithful to our Constitutional form of governance in America. Most of those citizens don't have even the slightest fear of the police or military ever turning their guns on honest Americans, which should make the Green Zone crowd feel very nervous after having spent decades telling Americans how much they hate us and want us all dead.

I say enjoy your day!

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