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Did The Senate Trial Just Expose Our Failed Green Policies?


 Is the Impeachment trial an indictment of President Trump or the Obama Administration's green energy policies and their pathetic anti-corruption efforts. Only a Democrat lawyer would pretend that a major energy-related business venture with China or Ukraine wouldn't automatically be subject to review by our Intelligence Community, which normally acts as the anti-corruption mechanism for government. Media may laugh at concerns over widespread government corruption in Ukraine, but I bet they couldn't explain the difference between the Obama Administrations' anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine and those applied in the USA. Because they're exactly the same, non-existent!

Democrat Impeachment managers didn't bother to file a real criminal charge in writing during the Impeachment scam because that would open the door to thousands of lawsuits against the government by the victims of corrupt green projects for the exact same legal theories. Don't kid yourself, all of the government's corrupt green initiatives impacted the lives and livelihoods of real people that didn't enjoy high-level protection from government agencies.

The media and Senators all know that President Trump is on track to win in the 2020 election in a landslide, which would effectively end the era of Crony Capitalism by Globalist promoting the Clean Energy Economy. The Trump Administration has already achieved energy independence for America and it doesn't resemble in any way, shape or form the type of energy independence promoted by the phony environmental non-profit groups controlled by bureaucrats operating Off-Budget Enterprises.

The President is portrayed as behaving suspiciously for not trusting the input from high-ranking government bureaucrats as if nobody in America had ever heard of the massive spying operations conducted by counter-intelligence operatives working directly for Democrats and Hillary Clinton's campaign. The FISA Court has already acknowledged that government lawyers intentionally deceived the FISC to obtain surveillance warrants in an apparent effort to illegally influence the outcome of a Presidential election and then later in a coup attempt to unseat a duly elected president.

Keep in mind, the activities of the Intelligence Community didn't occur in a vacuum. Virtually all of their actions were designed to protect the financial interest of the political elites profiting from shady green business ventures related to the UN's Paris Climate Deal or Trans Pacific Partnership that would have flowed through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. That's the same group that authorized the Uranium One deal to transfer 20% of our uranium deposits to a Russian company under investigation for extortion, bribery, and kickbacks. The FBI raided the home of an FBI contractor that acted as a whistle-blower in that case, which is typical. Whistle-blowers are far more likely to be targeted for prosecution under anti-corruption efforts than any real criminal, a fact well known to members of Congress.

Trillions of dollars are at stake, yet we're supposed to believe that high-ranking government lawyers had no idea their spying activities were illegal. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on green programs without any oversight or accountability, but once again we're told not to worry because the media watchdogs are on the job.

We'll never know how much of that public revenue ended up in the pockets of the Democrat lawyers leading the prosecution in the Impeachment process or the Senators sitting in judgment of President Trump. It's no secret to informed voters that media outlets are trying to cover-up the dirty deals of former VP Joe Biden and his son. Exactly as they did for years with Hillary Clinton's family that benefited big-time from shadowy green business ventures conducted at the Clinton Global Initiative. We also know that no matter how obvious the conflicts of interest, self-dealing under color of authority or outright fraudulent the behavior of EPA's business-driven enterprises, corporate media can always find a way to justify the malfeasance of their political pals.

These were pure Pay To Play scams open only to members of non-profit organizations like the Energy Foundation and the Prosperity Partnership in Seattle. Those with political connections like Hunter Biden were allowed to cash-in on their family name as anti-corruption crime fighters for the New World Order or China's Belt and Road initiative as if there were a difference.

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