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Did Off-Budget Enterprises Supply The 'Green' For Election Fraud?


The EPA's ENERGY STAR program is arguably the most corrupt federal agency in US history. It's also the namesake for President Clinton's ENERGY STAR Mandate over America's multi-trillion-dollar annual procurement process, which requires every sub-division of government to purchase all goods and services exclusively from EPA-approved sources. The EPA's ENERGY STAR brand is the federal agency that claims to have invented the most lucrative government-invented commodity of all time; ENERGY STAR 'certified' energy efficiency. This State-Owned commodity has been marketed globally by shadowy Off-Budget Enterprises to our largest trade allies for many years, despite the fact it lacks any form of legal definition, technical description, or mathematical formula to measure and verify it's extraordinary (25-50%) electrical savings, its value is estimated by bureaucrats. The EPA's multi-billion dollar brand was selected in a 'No Bid' process as the sole source for Greenhouse Gas emission reductions in the Paris Climate Deal and Obama's Clean Power Plan, while EPA 'energy experts' were selected in the same 'No Bid' process to measure and verify the electrical energy-savings from their unique products.

When considering the motivations for openly rigging the 2020 Presidential elections, I say follow the (green) money! Fake News will pretend they see no evidence of voter fraud, but then again, they also claimed to be unaware of the massive fraud in the scientific research programs conducted by Off-Budget Enterprises with names like the Poised For Profits Partnership (P4PP). Hundreds of billions in US tax dollars were consumed under the guise of scientific research, most of it conducted at the same universities that hosted Confucius Institutes for their Communist Chinese business partners. The P4PP selected two distinctly different groups to conduct the actual research programs; Climate Solutions and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. In terms of pure Junk Science, these two groups may hold some type of world record for profiting big-time from utter failure in every venture. Almost like that was the objective from the start.

Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute when selected to operate the Harvesting Clean Energy program, a multi-billion dollar research program into energy efficiency that was conducted in Pacific NW factories and farms. Earth Island Institute is an incubator for the vilest anti-American and anti-Capitalist groups on the planet, its members have been perpetrating violence against American industries under the protection of corrupt law enforcement agencies for literally decades. Climate Solutions was leading the direct-action assaults on coal deliveries in Washington State when it produced the Poised For Profits reports that were utilized by the Prosperity Partnership in Seattle, another shadowy political group created after joining the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact after the US Senate unanimously rejected the UN Kyoto Protocols. The political elites at Seattle's Prosperity Partnership formed a Regional Economic Agenda covering all of WA, OR & British Columbia with a stated goal of profiting from control over global clean technology markets in the Clean Energy Economy. Which doesn't exist!

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance operated in concert with Washington State University, which ran the world-renown EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse to highlight all the cutting-edge technologies brought to market by the educated class. All of these multi-billion dollar government programs had a stated goal of finding new innovative energy efficiency products, then help entrepreneurs overcome market barriers to success. Except, these groups represented the electrical utilities and government regulators that had erected those market barriers in the first place. Their world-renown EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse was created just for that task, but it turned into such a joke that it was shut down in 2008. NEEA, much like Climate Solutions had also conducted a massive Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance program on campuses and bureaucracies. NEEA's pathetic Industrial program failed to produce any meaningful results but was resurrected later as Obama's Save Energy Now program. An even more corrupt program that had universities conducting energy audits of EPA Partners facilities and claiming billions of dollars were saved by recommendations that were never implemented. The Save Energy Now program resulted in what is possibly the largest public integrity fraud in history, which has also been buried by mainstream media.

In 2017 the University of Texas filed a RICO action against Alliantgroup (big-time RINO's) for allegedly defrauding thousands of bureaucracies out of IRS tax credits for green buildings. The University lawsuit claimed Alliantgroup tricked low-level bureaucrats into illegally signing over millions of dollars in IRS tax credits by sidestepping multiple safeguards built into the procurement process designed to protect public resources. Why didn't DOJ, FBI, and State Attorney Generals investigate a legitimate claim of fraud against thousands of government bureaucracies? I believe there are a trillion good reasons why law enforcement agencies fell asleep on the job, all involve large piles of green.


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