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Did Salem's Witch Trials Come Full Circle During Election Fraud Protest?


As one of the 500,000+ Americans that went to Washington DC for the "Stop The Steal" rally to protest the disputed 2020 election, I would like to provide a different perspective on the media's 'so-called' Insurrection. It's completely delusional for media to claim that widespread government corruption didn't effect the outcome of the Presidential election, so let's talk about some real facts. Fake News wants to portray 74,000,000+ citizens as beyond evil, based solely on the actions of a few people conducted over a couples hours of time. Completely missing from this contrived media narrative, was the actions of the other 500,000 protesters. I believe the sheer number of religious leaders alone at the Trump rally was arguably twice as large as the total number of violent protesters and police combined. Does that mean we should start burning churches down? Contrary to the hysterical news reporting, not one in ten thousand of Trump supporters ever breached the Capital building. How many religious leaders did you see interviewed, before they were universally denounced by self-righteous politicians as ignorant bigots?

Will Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney demand a real criminal investigation of John Sullivan, the Antifa/BLM 'Agent Provocateur' from Utah that was identified on CNN as a fellow journalist. When that pathetic punk pretending to be a journalist boasted "An armed revolution is the only effective way to bring about change.", washe speakingforreal journalist or Donald Trump? Why were those real journalist escorted by police into the Senate Chambers to conduct a photo shoot with a QAnon creep and his palsin VP Pence's office? Who allowed media to stage a photo op of the Confederate flag being prominently displayed within the safety of Capital building, while other police were left outside to fend for themselves. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

The media elites are now desperate to suppress these facts, and for good reasons. They appear to be employing a legal strategy first introduced in 1692 Massachusetts to protect the good citizens from another group of heretics that defied the law of the day. History tells us that a small group of highly educated prosecutors and judges acting under color of authority ordered the torture for hundreds of suspected witches and executed dozens of their own citizens for being evil. This murderous rampage of legal torture and death began with testimony provided by hysterical little girls, which was accepted without question by Harvard trained legal experts. Sound familiar? America now finds itself in the middle of a new Witch Hunt, not directed by ethically-challenged jurist writing Death Warrants, but from billionaire demigods claiming that heretics are undermining the return to normalcy under the dictates of the new New World Order. The main difference between these two lawless Witch Hunts is money, really big money. As our moral leaders seek to stamp out Satan and his minions from society, let's not forget that the old religious cliché "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste" is still in play. It's probably the reason faithless GOP representatives were so quick to stab President Trump in the back, but I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with Woke Capitalism. Which is now presented as the new green religion of Marxism.

Woke Capitalism is a Orwellian term associated with the Great Reset of the new New World Order, which allegedly strives to remove corruption from the old failed business model of Crony Capitalism. I couldn't tell you what type of corruption was removed from the old plan, but Limousine Liberals are sure it will result in new money-making ventures once again.

This completely illogical policy is best described by Blackrock, the world's largest asset manager that controls $7.8 trillion of other peoples money. Woke Capitalism is being pushed only on US For-Profit corporationsunder the guise of "Stewardship Expectations", which is presented as a potential money-making opportunity to participation in green schemes controlled by bureaucrat-created Off-Budget Enterprises and open only to globalist.The idea is to force For-Profit Corporations to place two politically connected 'minority' members on their Board of Directors, not to enhance profitability, but as a form of "Virtue Signaling" required to participate in government-run green schemes. The real problem for the elites is getting past the 'corruption' built into the old New World Order that created lots of Communist Chinese billionaires. It's sorta like the mountains of evidence showing election fraud, you can pretend it doesn't exist, but the memories linger on forever.

Case in point, China recently opened an investigation of Alibaba for the same type of anti-completive actions being practiced by America's Big Tech organizations. Alibaba's founder Jake Ma was reportedly the riches person in China before he went missing months ago after criticizing Communist Party bosses. Our media assures us he is not dead in ditch somewhere, he is just laying low for awhile. That may be true, but there is a lesson to be learned here. It's not the 'corruption-free'portion of the plan that has globalist nervous, it's the old corruption that is still causing grief. Openly advocating for discriminatory practices in business is a crime, so is using corporate assets to fund politically-inspired violence against a business competitor.

Truth, like facts can be hidden or suppressed, but it never really goes away. Americans came to together in 2020 like never before, and there is absolutely no reason to join together with people that hate America. I can't emphasize this fact enough, there were probably more religious leaders supporting President Trump on January 6thin DC than exist in the entire Democrat-Socialist party. With friends like that, I believe America will be OK!

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