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Did Bloomberg News Blackout Begin An Explosion of Fake Facts?


Truth is the first casualty of war! On February 28th a massive Spacex rocket exploded on the launch pad at Boca Chica Beach in South Texas without awaking a single journalist, scientist or politician. This man-made ecological disaster occurred four days after Mike Bloomberg entered the Democrat primary, which provided over $600 million in pay-offs to friendly media outlets to bury negative news reports during the 2020 election cycle. The Bloomberg News Blackout was never about supporting Democrat politics, it was to buy favorable press or silence on important events like a rocket explosion in a critical habitat area or delays in notifying the world about a deadly new virus.

The latest Spacex rocket explosion and widespread media cover-up provide a classic example of how the elites can declare a major ecological disaster a non-story, then pretend it's Fake News. Is dumping several tons of high-grade rocket fuel on endangered species an ecological disaster, or an economical setback that must be buried? Sorta like when the Communist Chinese discovered a deadly virus, then delayed the release of the information until their business partners could protect their financial interest.

The 'Wildlife Corridor' where the Rio Grande River flows into the Gulf of Mexico was once the habitat for the most critically endangered sea turtles in the world, but don't count on any massive protest by corporate environmentalist on behalf of the exotic birds, wildlife and sea creatures in the area. That might have alerted Elon Musk's investors about an unexpected problem, one that would normally cost plenty to clean up. Much like with the Wuhan coronavirus, the true victims aren't the political insiders benefiting financially from State-Owned Enterprises, but real people that never receive any breaks from the government.

When trillion dollar markets are in play, would a week or two delays in reporting make any difference?

Consider that Fox News announced on November 19th that former Republican Mike Bloomberg had entered the 2020 Democrat Presidential primary, which his campaign supplied over $600 million to media outlets willing to stop reporting negative stories unless they involve Donald Trump. Soon afterward media and tech giants began repeating the false claim that the deadly virus was discovered on December 1st, except it was on November 17th that the earliest news reports claimed China encountered a new strain of coronavirus. China failed to even report this information to the World Health Organization until December 31, yet it has become commonplace for Google, Facebook and others to report the December 1st date. What was the motivation here, other than protecting the green?

That delay provided political insiders essential time to dump their stocks early, then join forces to "fight coronavirus fake news" by taking steps to battle the spread of myths and falsehoods, as well as scams. Like those deals conducted during the two to six weeks that passed before China informed the world about a deadly virus that became a global pandemic.

The optics couldn't get any worse for Marxist! This period didn't just mark the end of Globalization as we know it, but it also left their World War Zero campaign in shambles and leaderless. Suddenly ancient celebrities like Hanoi Jane Fonda were more likely to be occupying a ventilator than leading a rally for violent radicals. Old commies were dying off by the thousands, leaving others struggling to remember why they thought open borders were so cool in the first place.

Bloomberg's pals aren't just attempting to disappear bad news and creating new timelines for major events, they're busy getting on the right side of history by providing virtually no in-depth analysis on the demise of Globalism. This allows media outlets to introduce the new phenomena of disappearing news stories on politically incorrect topics, which has been deemed necessary to stop the spread of Fake News that affect their businesses.

Look for media outlets to begin a shift over to an entirely new mantra of "New Nationalism" to drive solidarity and acceptance of the Climate Disruption industry. Polling suggests the term 'New Nationalism" is more acceptable than 'Useful Idiot' for building support on major initiatives like the Green New Deal or the Climate Extinction movement, but probably won't do much for addressing the rocket fuel dumped on endangered species until the 2024 election cycle.

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