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Did America Learn Any Lessons From The Last Epidemic?


Twenty years ago greed was the disease behind an epidemic of illegal "Power Trades" & "Fiber Swaps" that infected our legal system with a sick double-standard of justice. That man-made disaster destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods as corrupt lawyers, bureaucrats and utility executives defrauded the public out of billions of dollars, while an army of Attorney Generals, judges, and law enforcement personal stood idle. Media and politicians all lamented that Enron executives were "the smartest guys in the room", which was presented as a defense for own inaction. The energy crisis lasted for over two years and supposedly ended when Californians recalled Governor Gray Davis from office, except it didn't. Two weeks before leaving office the disgraced Gray Davis and his counterparts created the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact, allegedly to save the planet. In reality, the Governor's Pact had nothing to do with fixing the weather, it's stated goal was to create a regional political agenda of business-driven partnerships designated to prosper under a new clean energy economy in which they alone would provide profitable 'cures' for every problem confronting humanity.

The 'cure' for the weather problem was EPA 'certified' energy efficiency, a multi-billion dollar electrical commodity that was allegedly invented by the same lawyers and bureaucrats that had orchestrated the California Energy Crisis. Their plan was to grant non-profit groups expanded control over Bill Clinton's ENERGY STAR Mandate, America's multi-trillion dollar procurement process which requires every government agency to purchase exclusively from EPA approved sources. This agenda was advanced by the Poised For Profits Partnership, an Off-Budge Enterprise formed by 12 federal and state bureaucracies that funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into scientific research conducted by shadowy non-profit groups.

Media buried the fact that EPA's scientific research was provided by radical environmental groups that benefited China's Belt and Road Initiative far more than it ever helped any American industry. China manufactures the bulk of the ENERGY STAR products mandated for use by our government, making the Communist dictators the largest financial beneficiary of EPA's premium-priced products. This EPA-invented commodity doesn't have a legal definition, technical description or mathematical formula to evaluate, measure or verify the electrical energy-savings of its products, yet it was selected in 'No Bid' contracts as the sole source for GHG 'emission reductions' in the Paris Climate Deal and Obama's Clean Power Plan. The EPA has deemed their brand superior to all others, so there is no need for any type of open competitive bid process against their brand.

The EPA Partners began with a plan to 'level the playing field' and 'eliminate barriers' to their money-making ventures by limiting participation in their scheme to a select group of multi-national corporations, universities, and sports venues. Soon hundreds of billions of US tax dollars began flowing into research programs, which produced technical reports that were the very definition of Junk Science. Most of the so-called research was conducted at industrial facilities and commercial farms in the Pacific NW by two world-renown non-profit groups; Climate Solutions and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. This led to the Save Energy Now program that had universities conducting energy audits for EPA Partners, while their Communist Chinese partners set up Confucius Institutes to instruct students in the governance model favored by the Democrat-Socialist.

Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute when selected to operate the massive Harvesting Clean Energy program. Earth Island Institute is an incubator for the most violent anti-American and anti-Capitalist groups in America, which appear to have been under the protection of the leadership at DoJ, FBI, and CIA during the years they operated direct-action campaigns against legal businesses. Whereas the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in concert with Washington State University conducted several studies into energy efficiency, including an Industrial Energy Efficiency study. NEEA is the group that first began claiming that EPA products produce extraordinary electrical energy-saving abilities. In 2009, EPA began claiming 'certified' products were consuming 25-50% less electricity than identical products, which resulted in a huge increase in profits revenues for bureaucrats promoting a New World Order.

It's important to remember how Californians ended the last epidemic because similar action may be required to remove corrupt Governors once again. Let's just make sure they don't create any more secret Pacts on their way out the door this time.

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