Dianne Feinstein Says China, Which Is Putting Muslims In Camps, Is ‘Growing Into A Respectable Nation’ | The Daily Caller

Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein praised China Thursday as a country "growing into a respectable nation" and cautioned against holding the country accountable for the coronavirus pandemic.

A June AP investigation found that the Chinese government is using forced abortions, birth control, mass detentions, and imprisonment to dramatically lower the birthrates of Uighur Muslims and other minorities while encouraging other populations to produce more children.

 Drone footage has also captured blindfolded and chained Uighurs kneeling before they are forced onto trains, the Beacon notes .In response to the footage, Xinjiang authorities told CNN in an October 4, 2019 statement that "cracking down on crimes in accordance with law is the common practice of all countries."

And on Wednesday, an ESPN investigation found that coaches at the NBA's training academies in China allegedly physically abuse players and fail to provide proper training and education for players. The investigation was based off complaints from American coaches at three different academies.