Tucker Asks Democratic Commentator For The Difference Between An ‘Immoral And A Moral Physical Barrier’ | The Daily Caller

"What is the difference between what they have voted for and what [Trump is] proposing?" Carlson asked.

"I think it hinges less upon what is there and more about the $5 billion he wants to build something else," Harris responded. "They have already voted in support of fencing there. Trump actually criticized it."

Harris quoted a CBS report saying the wall would only stop a third of illegal immigration, then called funding it "a waste of money."


 Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy of Harris' view by citing a parallel example of whether or not Harris would be "willing to shut down the government" over "$5 billion we spent on something that would not help the country."

"That would be problematic," said Harris. "I'm not president. Trump is president and he shut down the government."

"So the cost, the nature of the barrier, those are not relevant to anything," noted the Fox News host. "What we're talking about is the fear what Trump is proposing might actually work. That's the actual problem."