Washington State Democrats Propose Legislation to Ensure They Win All Future Elections and Prevent Any Public Disclosure of Fraud Embedded in the Process

The House in Washington State is proposing a law to make elections less transparent so they can steal them into perpetuity. They want to pass a bill exempting election security information from public records.The Democrats in the state of Washington are afraid of being caught stealing future elections like they did the last one. So they want to make information that comes out of an audit of security reviews and other similar information away from its citizens review.‚Äč
via https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/

So it came as a surprise in this year's election that the current Democrat governor won the gubernatorial race. The Republican in the race demanded information because the result appeared to be stolen like the Presidential race clearly was

The Democrats don't want this to ever happen again. They never want to be under the microscope for their acts in an election. So they are proposing Bill HB 1068.