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COP21: How Super Region's Benefit From Secret Trade Deals

COP21: How Super Region's Benefit From Secret Trade Deals

Never heard of Super Regions? Thank the UN's Transparency Department for suppressing all information on these public-private partnerships for Globalist marketing climate-friendly goods and services through their NGO's and Civil Societies

Most Americans couldn't care less about European Socialist and their Civil Societies, but that's only because they've never heard of Super Regions. These are special economic zones created by bureaucrats and political leaders, acting as savvy businessmen to enrich themselves with local tax dollars while often competing directly against local business interest.

Prior to Paris, Thomson Reuters Foundation & UN Foundation trained over five hundred journalist, politicians and activist on how to craft a compelling story when selling Global Warming, but can't seam to find any new buyers. They pretend we're rejecting their science, but in reality it's their sales pitch that sucks.

Imagine the difficulty in marketing a product, in which you can't disclose the brand name, manufacturing specifications or warranty information required by laws in almost every nation. Knowing full well the customers forced to buy your product would sooner eat a handful of broken glass rather than purchase anything from corporations and politicians universally despised by constituents.

After decades of browbeating the public to support the UN's environmental agenda, the media is now struggling to find an upbeat message to describe an endless parade of failures in a positive light. The solution for the Foundations is to pay hundreds of actors to talk about everything except the Super Region policies that have been impacting the lives and livelihoods of citizens across the Globe.

Membership in Super Region organizations are by invitation only, and offered only to select corporate leaders willing to fully embrace the secretive economic agenda of UNIDO's business-driven partnerships. All outside competitors are banned from participation in their partnerships, and all competition is assumed to occur only between the Regional Powers on a Global scale.

Politicians and bureaucrats active in Super Region partnerships operate in dual capacities as employees of city, county or state governments, while also playing the role a savvy businessman engaged in international commerce on behalf of their public-private partnerships. Policies derived in back-rooms of their Super Region governments are then enacted without concern about conflicts of interest, insider trading, budgets or any other aspect of laws applied to honest businesses. 

Often sharing same technical reports and economic studies that suggesting their Super Region agenda's create thousands of family-wage jobs or improve the environment, as their Media Foundations denounce all that dare to question the benefits of regional policies that ship jobs overseas or import low-wage workers.

​Billions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled to members of the Prosperity Partnership, a group that includes the highest elected officials in the state, largest corporations in America, unions, academics and non-profits that sought to corner the market for climate-friendly goods and services. 


Prosperity Partnership is an example of Super Region duplicity!

Formed by politicians from four Puget Sound counties that created a Regional Economic Agenda covering Washington, Oregon and British Columbia to profit from marketing climate-friendly goods and services in Global markets.

Prosperity Partnership members had exclusive access to the massive scientific programs conducted in the Pacific Northwest by the Poised for Profits Partnership, a group of 12 government agencies most responsible for turning the EPA's ENERGY STAR program into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars went into studies and reports conducted in industrial facilities that suggested that markets worth $100 of billions are opening up, but only open to political insiders of their private club.

All of those massive multi-year projects had a common theme, search out the most cost-effective technologies available and assist in bringing them to commercial success. Except that no new products came from these efforts, only a new bureaucracy.

Save Energy Now, is a new industrial program that has 24 federal universities offering "free" audit to corporations willing to enter into partnership agreements with the EPA. EPA/DOE website claims these audits saved billions for EPA's Partners.

Evidence to supporting these extraordinary claims is non-existent, except in other technical reports produced for the exclusive benefit of Super Region Partners. 

A 2014 Senate Report on the EPA's Billionaires Club indicates that these Foundations spend billions influencing policies, while also benefiting from participation in Super Region Partnerships.

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