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COP21: Double-Standard Of UN's Green Industry Platform

COP21: Double-Standard Of UN's Green Industry Platform

​International news outlets are silent or apply Orwellian double-speak when discussing the UN's new business-driven agenda, and efforts to dominate America's industrial "energy efficiency" markets under bogus Free Trade agreements.    

​Media has suppressed all factual information on the UN Agenda 21 Development Plan for decades, so should anyone be surprised to learn that the UN's business-driven initiatives will be the prime beneficiaries of the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Investment & Trade Partnership? 

Partnerships that pretend to be involved in "Free Trade" negotiations, but are only open to members of the Billionaires Club. Partnerships composed entirely of public-private partnerships marketing climate-friendly goods and services authorized under the terms of the World Trade Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme.  Partnerships and Trade Programs supported by NGO's and media non-profit foundations training an army of journalists, government and non-government leaders to advocate for increased secrecy in trade deals to protect their own financial interest.   

Media non-profit foundations and NGO's that are spinning the Paris Climate Change meeting as a final hope for mankind, desperately trying to convince the world that poor third-world countries will disappear without assistance from rich industrial countries. No technical solutions are offered to the poor, only suitcases full of cash for their corrupt leaders.   

While 97% of Americans reject the dire predictions of Global Warming hysterics, 100% of the mainstream media believe their lives will be vastly improved if governments mandate the use of UN approved climate-friendly goods and services. No need to question the science now. It's not as if the science came from Enron, or did it?

   "Leveling the Playing Field" & "Eliminating Barriers" ​

Our Industrial sector has become the newest target of   Climate Crusaders seeking to overcome traditional views on science and business models.  

As our EPA's ENERGY STAR is considered a world leader in "energy efficiency" by bureaucrats, the UN'S Global Social Compliance Programme are experts in labour standards in supply chains.

The GSCP provides "social audits" in order to develop a single, clear and consistent message for suppliers globally. 

It also associates with civil society stakeholders to guarantee its integrity and inclusiveness and to rely on the widest range of knowledge and expertise.

UN Civil Society stakeholders have played an important role in the Arab Spring and Europe's multicultural efforts, adding a new level of integrity and expertise to GSCP business-driven programs.  

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