Clinton's For-Profit School Venture On The Decline

Clinton Laureate Education Company In Free Fall | The Daily Caller

The firm's owners, led by leverage buyout king KKR & Co. L.P., took the $4.2 billion debt-ridden company public a month ago in the hopes it could recover some of its investment by selling shares on the NASDAQ  exchange.  It set an initial price of between $17 to $20 per share which could have raised more than half billion dollars.

Laureate Education, the for-profit education company with close ties to former President Bill Clinton that faces charges for being part of the the Clinton Foundation "pay-to-play"enterprise, has been in a free fall on the stock exchange since its Initial Public Offering (IPO) Feb. 1.

Its 11 percent drop makes the company the second-poorest performing IPO on the stock market this year and it is trading below its peer group of for-profit education companies.

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