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Are EPA Partnerships Pumping Dark Money Into 2018 Elections?


Trillion dollar energy markets are in play but corporate media prefers to rely on the Politics Of Personal Destruction to distract from coverage of actual issues. Media cited abortion rights as the main reason for the collective mental melt-down during the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, but in reality, it was big green groups funding those media-driven spectacles. Follow that Dark Money trail and it will inevitably lead back to EPA Partners, not abortion providers.

EPA Partners have been the primary beneficiaries of the ENERGY STAR brand of 'certified' energy efficiency that has been literally generating tens of billions of dollars annually to Globalist promoting European Socialism in America. Media is fully aware of the facts surrounding this voluntary program, but they can't report on this unique commodity without jeopardizing the future status of the ENERGY STAR mandate over America's multi-trillion dollar annual procurement process. Voluntary is Orwellian double-speak for mandated, just as war is peace.

Currently, every branch of government is mandated to purchase exclusively from EPA approved sources, which are completely controlled by the political elites described in a 2014 Senate Minority Report "The Chain Of Command: How A Club Of Billionaires And Their Foundations Control The Environmental Movement Of Obama's EPA". This Club is funding the most radical non-profit organizations, NGO's and public/private partnerships on the planet.

Most Americans have never heard of the ENERGY STAR mandate or the EPA's Billionaires Club because its none of your business, it's their business. Media won't report on EPA's business-driven partnerships because someone might ask how 'certified' energy efficiency suddenly began producing 25-50% electrical energy savings in 2009. A virtual impossibility. ENERGY STAR's 'certified' magic doesn't conform to Ohms Law or any national standards, bureaucrats simply estimate the imagined electrical energy-savings based on the number of ENERGY STAR products purchased and the number of green buildings built.

Obama's Save Energy Now program provided a classic example of how EPA Partnerships benefited from 'certified' energy efficiency. This $100 billion boondoggle had university staff conducting energy audits at the industrial facilities of EPA Partners, then claiming those pathetic audits saved billions of dollars that professional engineers and plant managers somehow missed. This allowed bureaucrats to trade on their expertise as EPA energy experts without every risking a dime of their own money or fear of failure in any manner because there was never a need to verify any of their energy-saving claims.

These projects are known as Off Budget Enterprises that have no oversight or accountability to taxpayers funding the bureaucracy. Money is made the old-fashion way, through 'no bid' contracts where kickbacks, self-dealing and profiting under color of authority is not considered a conflict of interest. It's a birthright!

Case in point! When the University of Texas & University of Houston recently sued Alliantgroup under the RICO statutes for engaging in a "nationwide scheme" to defraud "thousands of government entities" out of millions of dollars in IRS tax credits for green schemes, where was the FBI? The fact that Alliantgroup had already been accused of similar charges in an IRS whistle-blower complaint years earlier should have raised red flags for government lawyers conducting due diligence. When the online Houston Press, a former weekly newspaper provides the only news coverage on a racketeering enterprise involving thousands of government entities its called a scoop. So where was the follow up by the rest of the big media outlets?

A simple internet search would have produced a 2012 Bloomberg story about how the Obama Administration crushed an IRS whistle-blower complaint by Alliantgroup employees when the IRS agents sought a Grand Jury investigation. That same Bloomberg article spoke about how over 99% of all whistle-blower complaints were dismissed by prosecutors, leaving the whistle-blowers vulnerable to repercussions by powerful corporations and bureaucracies. That's a staggering statistic which should be of interest to a journalist.

Apparently, the Houston Chronicle hadn't read the Bloomberg or Houston Press articles on Alliantgroups unsavory past before listing them as a top 2016 workplace. Or maybe the Houston Chronicle thought thousands of liberal bureaucrats may need new jobs soon, possibly making big bucks by marketing IRS tax credits to their former colleagues on behalf of Alliantgroup.

The newly minted bureaucrat/salesmen could then contribute a portion of their massive earnings to the Dark Money pools supplying Socialist candidates with massive war chests to outspend all opponents. Media could then refer to those donations as coming from grassroots efforts, just like they do for other members of the EPA's Billionaires Club.

Conor Coughlin

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