Armed LGBT and BLM Activists Show Up For "Armed Violent Protests" at MI Capitol After Left-Wing Media Warned About "Militias, Right-Wing Activists, White Supremacists” Descending On Capitol

On Sunday, January 17th, 2021, armed protesters began assembling at Michigan's capitol building in Lansing.​  
This supported by the fact that the first arrivals to the protest had very sturdy home-made Pro-Whitmer signs attached to their truck beds:
​In fact, we have reached out to all of our right-wing contacts in Michigan. All our sources on the right insist that they want to have nothing to do with any protests surrounding the inauguration because they believe them to be false flag events designed to trick Trump supporters and conservatives.
via https://100percentfedup.com/

In an unprecedented fashion, federal armed troops have been amassing in Capitol cities by the thousands around the country in preparation for the 2021 presidential inauguration. Such oppressive militant behavior is generally indicative of dictators in third-world countries who were not elected lawfully and who fear retaliation from their oppressed countrymen. It is a show of complete dominance over a helpless people who have no Constitutional rights.