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AG's Use RICO In Latest Kabuki Theater Drama

AG's Use RICO In Latest Kabuki Theater Drama

US Attorney General and several Democrat State AG's recently introduced a new tactic for the Kabuki Theater's endless production of the "Settled Science" drama. Only to have Republican AG's make a similar threat for criminal prosecutions for the over-exaggerations made by the Global Warming proponents.

None of these pathetic legal scholars has the slightest intentions of suing anyone over government science, unless of course your speaking a 'Sue & Settle' type lawsuit in which the outcome was determined in advance by the parties and the court. Then it's OK to sue your friends-enemies.

All of these phony threats about using RICO against so-called skeptics are designed to distract the public attention from the real issue, government 'energy efficiency', and the tens of billions of tax-payer dollars funneled into the ENERGY STAR program.

You know what I'm talking about, right? 

If there was ever any doubt about this fact, simply consider the stunning media black-out on all information surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the 4th Building Block from Obama's Clean Power Plan.

Try to find a single media report about the disappearance of an entire section from the CPP, or the failure of conservative leaders to even recognize this travesty of justice. Was this simply an oversight by every member of the media, or a well-orchestrated media black-out on the single most important legal element of a major case before the US Supreme Court?

Why was there absolutely no debate regarding the no-bid selection of ENERGY STAR as the sole source for all emission reductions in the 4th Building Block of the CPP? Cue the Crickets! 

Obama's CPP was originally designed with four Building Blocks. The 4th Building Block covering government 'energy efficiency' programs suddenly went missing from the CPP just prior to the public presentation by the EPA, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Silence is, and has always been Golden when it comes to the topic of government 'energy efficiency'.

The CPP was crafted with four separate Building Blocks, yet we're supposed to believe that thousands of highly-paid lawyers and all of Congress supposedly missed the fact that the entire 4th Building Block simply disappeared from the CPP.

Replaced by the Clean Energy Investment Program (CEIP), a corrupt investment scheme identical to Obama's $100 Billion Save Energy Now program, which is only available to the largest corporations in America willing to join the EPA in public-private partnerships. Can you say Pay-To-Play!

We're supposed to believe that the single largest financial aspect of Obama's CPP, concerning a multi-billion dollar product owned exclusively by the EPA wasn't worthy of any public debate. EPA knew ENERGY STAR presented a serious legal stumbling block to the entire CPP, which explains the media's efforts to suppress all debate regarding the fraudulent scientific research that turned ENERGY STAR into a multi-billion dollar Global behemoth.

In a classic case of Bait-and-Switch, EPA pulled the 4th Building Block and replaced it with the Clean Energy Investment Program. Conservative leaders had to know this issue represented a serious legal challenge to the entire CPP, but apparently decided to remain silent in order to protect the Obama legacy.

Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled to lawyers, academics and Wall Street environmentalist conducting research programs for EPA, which all claimed that ENERGY STAR was saving extraordinary amounts of electrical energy and dramatically reducing C/O 2 emissions. Easily provable lies!

Now these AG's want to act as if those multi-billion dollar scientific research programs never occurred, probably because even the Village Idiot could see that these programs produced absolutely no real ecological benefits, just revenue streams for the political elites. 

Those same corrupt research programs later became the Clean Energy Investment Program, which is exactly the same as Obama's Save Energy Now program. Another massive federal program subject to a complete media black-out since it's inception in 2009.​

This $100 billion federal program operating out of 24 universities offers 'free' audits for industrial facilities of large corporations willing to enter into partnerships with the EPA. DOE/EPA websites claims those 'free' university audit have saved billions of dollars for their partners over the last couple of decades, just don't ask to see the evidence or you may be threatened with criminal prosecution.

Clean Energy Investments is synonymous with free money for Wall Street con artist and Banksters, and is the main reason for secrecy behind the Trans Pacific Partnership and TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. These phony Free Trade agreements benefit only the wealthy Globalist at the expensive of national sovereignty and the rights of the individual. 

Government 'energy efficiency' has become a multi-billion dollar commodity, but lacking in any form of a National Standard for the measurement and verification of it's extraordinary electrical energy-saving claims. It currently operates as a Government Sponsored Enterprise, in which all government energy-savings are based on estimations by bureaucrats with a vested interest in EPA public-private partnerships.

No Standard, No Problem! 

Government 'energy efficiency' doesn't require standards or regulations, only lawyers and bureaucrats claiming they alone understand the value of their product.

Even the Clean Energy Investment Program (CEIP) doesn't contain a single word on 'energy efficiency', other than some vague references to investments that may be conducted in low-income neighborhoods after 2020.

Not a single word concerning 'energy efficiency' for our Industrial Sector appears in the CPP, the largest electrical market in the world. Why is that? Wasn't our industrial sector the focus of EPA's largest and most comprehensive research programs into energy efficiency?

Media has zero interest in exposing the EPA's phony multi-billion dollar product of 'energy efficiency', or the massive frauds surrounding the scientific research conducted by EPA proxies. That would be like exposing themselves as lying propagandist, destroying any remaining shred of credibility the media once possessed.

ENERGY STAR has become the "Goose that lays the Golden Eggs". But only for crooked politicians, lawyers and academics looking to get rich from insider-trading, conflicts of interest and straight up fraud and graft. The kind of criminal behavior that the RICO statutes were originally designed to address. 

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