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Make a new Norton account by visiting Download and install the Norton setup and get the product activation key in a few easy steps.
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Microsoft Word is a word handling program that was first created by Microsoft in 1983. Since that time, Microsoft has discharged a wealth of refreshed forms, each offering a greater number of highlights and consolidating preferred innovation over the one preceding it. The most current online variant of Microsoft Word is Office 365, however the product rendition of Microsoft Office 2019 incorporates Word 2019.
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Kindle Customer Service +1-888-603-3308

If you're a Kindle user then you can easily transfer your documents and files to Apple device. Errors are occurred to use kindle your kindle device? don't worry contact kindle customer service toll-free phone number +1-888-603-3308.1551 Dell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, USA1-888-603-3308
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Canon Printer Helpline Number 1-800-883-8020

Canon is the best brand in the entire world. And we are providing the technical support for Canon printer. If you have any kind of problem in your Canon printer then don't be panic you just visit our website Canon printer helpline number . Calling facility is also given dial on 1-800-883-8020.
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Netgear genie login

Get helpful information and experience finest resolution from our Netgear Router Technical Support Phone Number. Get Instant Solution. We provide complete Netgear Technical support in USAget help at
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Netgear genie

Netgear genie support team has the expertise to resolve all modern day issues related to Netgear Routers and Extenders.Visit @
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Netgear Router Login

Netgear Router has various WiFi routers available for every need. It has a router for gaming, a different router for enterprise, different router for home network, routers for small scale business etc. It is one of the most trustworthy brands which offers reliable services by providing its users step by step netgear router login detials or netgear router update.
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Netgear Router Login

Netgear router setup for the login procedure and complete steps for the installation of the Netgear WiFi router.We Provides some services –• Setup/Installation of Netgear Router• Login Support for Netgear Router• Securing your Netgear Router• Troubleshooting Netgear Router• Software Update of Netgear Router Visit @
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Netgear Wi-Fi router setup through Genie smart wizard

Netgear WiFi router is needed by the user to initially access the administrator login page using web page. There, the user will be redirected to enter the default credentials regarding the WiFi router to access the Netgear Genie page to further configure the wireless router. It is highly recommended that the user initially logs in to their WiFi router in order to make their network more secure. The login process is very simple and it only takes a couple of minutes of the time of the user. The user can simply go to any web browser and type the default address in the URL bar i.e. or the default IP address as well i.e. By logging in to the WiFi router, the user will then gain access to the configuration page of the WiFi router and a lot of advanced features as well. With the help of the configuration settings, the user can make their network secure and by changing the advanced features, the user can personalize and configure their network which is most suitable to their requirements.The user can find all the security settings on the configuration page of the WiFi router. The configuration page is called the Netgear Genie which helps the users set up their WiFi routers initially and further provides the user with a dashboard with the settings regarding their Netgear WiFi router. It is recommended that the user changes the default password and username for their WiFi router as the default information is provided online for ease of access regarding the login for all the users. Any unauthorized user can access the network of the user without their permission using the default credentials. After that, the user must upgrade the firmware for their WiFi router if there are any new updates available. The Netgear Genie notifies the user regarding the latest updates. The firmware is basically the Operating Software of the WiFi router. It helps orchestrates complete functions within the hardware of the WiFi router. The firmware update also rolls out multiple new features as well as enhances overall speed of the network of the user.Here, we will help the users understand the configuration settings of their Netgear WiFi routers using the Netgear Genie. Here are the steps to log in and set up to the Netgear WiFi router using Netgear Genie:-1. Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the WAN port located at the rear end of the Netgear WiFi router.2. Now, using another Ethernet cable, connect the laptop or computer to any of the four internet ports located at the rear end of the Netgear WiFi router besides the WAN port.3. Restart the router, the modem, and the computer and wait for the devices to finish restarting.4. Open any web browser and type in the address URL bar to access the Netgear Genie web page.5. The user can even access the administrator login page using the default IP address as well. The IP address is for most of the Netgear WiFi routers.6. Once the user has the administrator login page on the screen, the user will be needed to enter the default credentials regarding their WiFi router. The default password is “password” and the default username is “admin” for most of the Netgear WiFi routers. The password and username will be case sensitive.7. Once the user has successfully logged in to the WiFi router, the Setup Wizard will appear on the screen. The Setup Wizard will detect the type of connection of the internet that the user has.8. For all the wired connections, the Smart Setup Wizard will detect the connection as Dynamic IP. Now click Next to proceed.9. Now, the user will have the complete setup and logged in to their network without any issues. The user can now change the configurations of their WiFi router and access the advanced features as well from the page of Netgear Genie.The Netgear router of the user will now be configured in a proper way. The user can start using their WiFi router as they desire.John Woods is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. He writes for Netgear Router products atnetgear genie .SOURCE –
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Enter Product Key for Office Setup, after purchasing Office visit, sign in to your office setup account and Get Started! Know how to purchase, download, install, activate, uninstall and reinstall MS office setup.
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Guide to change your Mac username

For many people their name is everything. But for others, their name keeps on changing, due to any reason. Like, the name gets changed after marriage, wanting to keep the more stylish name to get attention or have many names which can be used by a person as per their requirement at different places. So you have perfect option to change your username on Mac whenever you want. Below is a guide to change a Mac username and the associated Home directory name.1. Launch System Preferences.2. Users & Groups.3. Press on unlock and type your password.4. Control-press or right-press the user that you want to rename.5. Select Advanced.6. Change the name in the full name field.7. Reboot the Mac for the changes to take place.Important: It will allow you to change the username, but not the Home directory name, or your Short Name.Guide to change the Home folder nameChanging of Home folder name (and your account name, which is linked to it) is more complicated.1. Press on the Apple logo in the list and Log off from the account you want to change the name.2. Log on with a different administrator account (you must be logged off from the account to rename it) you might have to create a new administrator account. Log on to that account.3. Visit the user folder on the startup drive (to see it open the Finder and press onGO> Computer> Macintosh HD).4. Launch the Users folder – Just inside of it you will see the Home directory for the account you’re renaming.5. Press on the folder and rename it (remember to notice the old and new name because later you will need it once more).6. Type the password for the admin account you are using when prompted.Guide to change your UsernameAfter successfully changing the Home folder name you might require to change your Username.1. Launch System Preferences > Users & Groups.2. Press on unlock and type the password for the admin account you log on.3. Control-click or right-click the user that you want to rename from the list of users.4. Choose Advanced Options.5. Change Account Name field to the new name.6. To match the new name you gave the Home folder change the Home directory field.7. Click Ok.8. Close System Preferences.9. Reboot the Mac.10. Log in to the renamed account.Important: If there is any problem to Log on, check the account and one directory names are the same.Edward Lewis is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.Source :
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How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Windows and Mac
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Noob Guide to Internet Marketing

This is an excellent infographic and 6 week course that anyone could learn something from...
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