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~ Richa Khurana & Dr July 06, 2022Recently, there has been a lot of talk about patient safety and the quality of their life, but there has been little concern about the safety and well-being of the healthcare workers (HCWs) who are dedicated to delivering comprehensive treatment to patients.“All of us have been reminded of the crucial role healthcare workers play in alleviating suffering and preserving human lives because of the Covid pandemic,” said Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The pandemic has also brought into light how vital it is to safeguard healthcare workers so as to ensure a functioning healthcare system and overall society.Healthcare workers (HWs) have been at the forefront in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, putting them at a high risk of acquiring the infection. In the countries as a whole, the hospitals or clinics can not ensure the safety of their patients without ensuring the safety of the healthcare workers.The virus can be transmitted by means of human touch, conversation and the propagation of small or large respiratory droplets carrying infectious virus particles. It can also be transmitted by coughing and/or sneezing. In general, small respiratory droplets can easily spread over long distances. On the other hand, large droplets can only be transmitted through close personal contact via the direct injection of virus-containing droplets onto the mucous membranes (e.g. eye and nose) of the susceptible host. Self-inoculation of the virus can also occur in infection as the virus transmits from hands to mucous membranes of the eye or the nose. Respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus, influenza viruses, parainfluenza viruses, rhinoviruses, and adenoviruses can transmit from the patients to the health care workers during examinations. These are increasingly being identified as crucial pathogens due to their ease of spreading and relatively short incubation times (typically between 1 and 8 days); these viruses are capable of causing significant problems. Although responsible decisions and measures are being taken to inhibit the transmission of life-threatening viruses, it has become absolutely crucial to assure the safety of Healthcare Workers, especially in such testing times. There are many measures that are in place to inhibit the spread of viral infection in hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings, including principles of accommodation of infected patients and approaches to safety hygiene and patient management.Unfortunately, the harmful pathogens are advancing scientifically by the minute, calling for the development of agents that would not only safeguard but also prevent and improve the hygiene of all exposed body parts to pathogens.As far as the antimicrobial properties of Iodine are concerned, everyone in the medical field and beyond is aware of its effectiveness. However, besides wound cleaning, its topical use has always been a controversial idea due to its staining effects and strong odour features. Iodine and all iodine formulations have one single active biocidal agent, i.e. Molecular Iodine (I2).Even though Molecular Iodine (I2) is a well-known disinfectant, the reason behind its scarce use was the unfamiliarity with its effectiveness. However, after discussions among researchers, scientists and healthcare workers, it was understood that one of the reasons was the foul odour and the staining property.As Iodine evolved over the years, researchers & scientists succeeded in isolating active Molecular Iodine (I2) from all toxic compounds present in Iodine. By segregating it as a stable molecule, removal of all of the by-products formed as a result of various reactions in aqueous Iodine formulations became possible, thus, preventing adverse effects including staining, toxicity, and foul odour. It takes seconds for Molecular Iodine (I2) to start its action after it is used or applied. It provides protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi and ensures a long-lasting antimicrobial effect.Bioactive I2 acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, safeguarding people against all microbes, including the SARS-CoV-2. It has been thoroughly researched and proven to be the most effective biocide, which is not toxic to human cells.Molecular Iodine (I2) as a shield to keep hands, nose and mouth free of microbes has been composed by combining free molecular Iodine (I2) with 100% vegetable grade glycerin for the formulation of I2Cure BioShieldTM. The bactericidal and virucidal action of molecular Iodine is based on the mechanism of its absorption into the skin, giving long-lasting prevention for a prolonged period. Active molecular Iodine is absorbed into the skin within 30 seconds of applying it. Then it outgasses into an invisible shield that lasts for up to 6 hours. Health care workers have always been protecting their patients; it is high time the protectors get protected.
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What is Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)? Importance and Benefits of Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Theory draws on the work of prominent 20th century thinkers who may experience a central role in their theories of human learning and development. David Kolb synthesized the work of these foundational scholars to develop a holistic model of Experiential Learning theory. Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. This is ELT in a nutshell. The theory is built on six propositions that are shared by the foundational scholars.1. Learning outcome is not an endpoint, but simply a resting point of an ongoing learning process.2. As we learn new ideas, we also modify and dispose of old ones.3. Effective learners are capable of balancing the opposing modes in the learning cycle.4. Learning never ends. It encompasses all life stages, from childhood to adolescents to middle and old age.5. When learners in the environment interact, both are changed. 6. We do not simply respond to the environment, but we recreate it to meet our needs.Every field requires unique skills and a special learning process. Learning to develop skills and empathic listening is different than learning skills and engineering. Since its emergence in the early 90’s & 70’s, there have been over 90,000 experiential learning citations, and ELT has been used to create countless educational courses in multiple fields. Since 2000, alt research in many fields around the world has more than quadrupled. Experiential Learning Theory is highly interdisciplinary, addressing learning and educational issues in at least 30 academic disciplines.More and more institutions and educators are experimenting with experiential learning practices beyond higher education. In recent years, K-12 institutions, business organizations, and non-formal organizations have embraced ELT to respond to the learning needs of their clients and constituents through recursive cycles of experience, discussion, feedback, and practice and application. In real life context, learners report increased levels of critical thinking abilities and the capacity to apply and connect theoretical knowledge with real life application. Like Kurt Lewin said, there is nothing so practical as a good theory, and like David Hunt said, there is nothing so theoretical as a good practice. Let continues to be renewed and enriched through the collective experience of those who apply the theory in their practices around the world.As the workplace, marketplace and global environmental continue to evolve, experiential Learning Theory is designed to respond to the educational needs of the 21st century.Importance of Experiential Learning:we would have realized that plans to have life just by reading it, would we have realized that oxygen is must for combustion just by listening to our teachers? of course not, we wouldn't have realized these without experiencing.Academic and non-academic concept would etch in child's mind, if it is taught through practical activities and experiments. The experiential learning is not only effective but also makes children to take active part in their learnings instead of teaching a child on watering plants. Let him or her water the plants in garden. Gets more emotionally involved and enjoys too.The learning becomes part of an activity and continuous support for activity-based learning from the very first day of schooling can you believe small children performing the activity of measurement. Yes, that's true children are introduced to measurements and different units of measures. ExamplesThrough different activities children use the measuring tape to measure the length and weight of different materials trying out how many 250 ml bottles of water is needed to fill one litre bottle instead of just learning them theoretically. This helps in reinforcing these concepts in children's mind this method is not limited to fewer subjects.Clay molding is used to introduce the Chinese and Matras in Kannada and Hindi subjects. Environmental science deals with most obvious things of one's life and hands-on learning makes perfect sense to learn this life sciences instead of bringing awareness on reduced plastic usage through classroom sessions. Children are made to prepare paper bags themselves children are learning about windmills by crafting the paper pinwheel.So, to summarize this method makes children to actively participate in learning than just listening passively and of course makes the learning more enjoyable.
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Marriage Halls Near Madipakkam

It is one of the primary aspects that ensures a smooth and prosperous wedding. The marriage halls near Madipakkam offer their clients an amazing package for their weddings. They have a well-trained and experienced team to organize your dream wedding and turn them into a reality. They also have a mini hall for birthday parties, engagements, corporate events. So, reach the marriage halls near Medavakkam for a memorable and grand wedding.
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Hello, This is Komal from Kolkata, a young and jovial person who loves to meet new and interesting people for fun and enjoyment.
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Housewives Are Better Than College Going Escorts Because They Are is a popular misconception out there that housewives are better than escorts in Delhi because they are cheaper. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only are housewives more expensive, but they also lack the skills and experience that escorts have. Furthermore, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy professional relationship with an escort; whereas most housewives are happy to provide companionship and sexual services on a regular basis. Housewives are generally considered to be better than college going escorts when it comes to sex. This is because housewives have more experience and are more tuned into what their partner wants. They know how to please a man, and they're not as focused on making money as most escorts are. A growing number of women are turning to the services of professional escorts in order to improve their lives. While there are many benefits to hiring a college going escort, such as increased sexual pleasure and an increased sense of self-confidence, many housewives feel that they get more out of the experience. Professional escorts in Delhi know how to provide a high level of customer service, making them perfect for women who want to enjoy life without sacrificing their home duties. 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A st regis hotel escort service can be anything from a super model to a stripper or even an actor. It can be as simple as a few hours spent with an escort - there are many ways to have fun while on your tour of Mumbai. A local escort will know all the best spots to visit and be the perfect companion for you.
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Bluemen 50 Mg :Emphasize the power of blood circulation in penis

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How to play Octordle?

octordle is a very popular Wordle-based word game. Octordle differs from Wordle in a few ways, but most notably in the word count when played. With Wordle the player is trying to guess a five letter word but with Octordle the player is guessing eight five letter words at a time. Guessing a five-letter word can be a bit overwhelming for some players, so adding another seven-letter word is less than ideal. Octordle is a game for those who want a challenge. Word-savvy players can really test their skills in this game. This game works just like Wordle. It is played in the browser and keeps the same rules as Wordle. The letters will turn yellow if they are in a word, but in a different position. They turn green if they are in the word and in the correct position. It can be extremely difficult to roll eight different guesses at once and keep track of which letters have been used in a previous guess. A great way to calm things down is to pay attention to the color scheme on the Octordle's keyboard. Each letter is divided into four quadrants, each representing one of the top four puzzles in that day's game.
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Bermain dalam judi slot ini dinilai sedang mengesankan yang hanya duduk bersantai sembari bermain ponsel aja kamu bisa bermain sepuasnya dan memenangkan serta mengumpulkan bonus harian sebanyak banyaknya.
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Mahjong online

mahjong online (Mahjongg, Mahjong Solitaire, or Shanghai Solitaire) uses 144 tiles. When you start the game, these tiles are placed in a four-player pattern. You cannot see cells that are hidden below other cells. You must remove the upper tiles and reveal the tiles below. You can only match two identical empty cells. A free tile is a tile that is open and unbound to its left or right. Once you remove all pairs of tiles from the board, you win the game.Many bricks look similar, but they have slight differences. So you need to have a sharp mind and focus on the differences to find the identical bricks.
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How Many Seasons of Attack on Titan

‘Attack on Titan’ is a Japanese dark fantasy anime TV series. The show debuted in 2013 and gained immense love and became one of the most popular anime series of all time. The story of the series will lock the audience in their seats with wanting more. Over the years, Attack on Titan has become one of the biggest names in the manga industry. Despite airing its first season nearly eight years ago, the anime holds a significant place on the list of popular anime series of all time.
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